Translation of frown in Spanish:


fruncir el ceño, v.

Pronunciation /fraʊn//fraʊn/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    fruncir el ceño
    fruncir el entrecejo
    to frown at sb ponerle cara de pocos amigos a algn
    • to frown at sth torcer el gesto por algo


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    ceño fruncido masculine
    …, she said, with a frown … —dijo, frunciendo el ceño / el entrecejo
    • he wore a frown tenía el ceño fruncido
    • My still playful frown deepened to one of true anger.
    • Grace stood in the doorway, a worried frown creasing her smooth, pale forehead.
    • A frown appeared on his face, realizing she had no interest in him.
    • Although, as soon as he said this, a frown crossed his face.
    • She looked over at her friend as she saw his frown disappear for a second, and then return.
    • She turned her face down while fiddling with her purse to hide her frown of disappointment.
    • A worried frown creased the cook's face as soon as little Alissa was gone.
    • Val couldn't help but turn her frown into a smile.
    • His usually unguarded expression was marred by the deep frown of meditation he now wore.
    • Leslie gave a long frown of disappointment and shook her head after a moment.
    • She wore a frown of concentration and picked up a can of fruit.
    • Her eyes met his and he gave her a small, disapproving frown.
    • Nodding, the frown deepened, yet the Queen seemed satisfied with the answer.
    • A frown marred his worried features, his lips thinning out into a line.
    • Harry's face bent into a frown of mock disapproval.
    • On his face he wore a deep, permanent frown.
    • She reached to take it, a puzzled frown crossing her face.
    • Then turning again toward Christina, a frown crossed the woman's stern features.
    • A slight frown creased her brow but disappeared almost as soon as it had come.
    • The frown disappeared from his face, leaving an expression of seriousness.