There are 2 main translations of frozen in Spanish

: frozen1frozen2


Pronunciation /ˈfrəʊzn//ˈfroʊzən/


There are 2 main translations of frozen in Spanish

: frozen1frozen2


congelado, adj.


  • 1

    • 1.1(solid)

      (water/lock/pipe) congelado
      • His the scepter, His the throne, they moved to their positions as if hovering — or, better, as if gliding on sharpened metal edges across a frozen pond.
      • I'm on a frozen piece of sidewalk, a frozen puddle outside my grandmother's house in Toronto's east end.
      • The most memorable scene is where the gang chase Atanarjuat for kilometres through a frozen world.
      • Last weekend's friendly at home to Oldham had to be called off after an 11 am inspection because of a frozen pitch.
      • Following the weekend cold snap, local heating and plumbing companies reported being swamped with calls about broken furnaces and frozen water pipes.
      • Don a high-tech silver poncho and sip a frosty vodka cocktail from glasses cut from solid blocks of ice while admiring the frozen sculptures.
      • To assess the extent of the damage, you'll need to look beyond frozen or wilting leaves to determine whether the growing point was killed.
      • The frozen tundra of Antarctica may soon be further out of reach.
      • Often in the winter we would wake up to frost on our quilts and frozen buckets of water in the kitchen.
      • The helmsman responded as he maneuvered the Lexington away from the chunk of frozen ice and rock.
      • The wily battery commander had hammered his guns into the frozen Vistula River.
      • I treated her to a slushy blue frozen drink.
      • The frozen layer turned out to be about 2 feet thick.
      • Beware of frozen water supplies in the winter.
      • The frozen pond had cracks in the ice.
      • When Mike roared in I was sipping a frozen drink and scanning internet for recent news.
      • The gruesome discovery, in frozen ground near to a walkway off Walkden Road, was made by a dog walker early on Sunday morning.
      • Groundwater heads would be relatively low because of the low available recharge, from low precipitation and partially frozen ground.
      • Contrary to what many people believe, there is no "land" under the Arctic ice cap, it consists entirely of frozen water, ice, "floating" on liquid water.
      • Fresh from the Siberian tundra, an 18,000-year-old frozen woolly mammoth is on display at the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan.
      • In the frozen Arctic, far to the north, oil was discovered.
      • It was a rather cool night as "Land of 10,000 [ frozen ] Lakes" Minnesota peaked at high of 28 degrees over the past seven days.
      • Scratching a living out of the frozen north, while living in a house made out of snow - that's pretty damn impressive.
      • Try winter in Matanuska Valley, Alaska, where frozen lake golf rules.
      • He then froze the sample and took pictures of the frozen water crystals.
      • Frozen juice thingies are my friend.
      • It's going to be unreasonable like frozen hot chocolate on a snowy day.
      • The plane, tipped over on its back, was in a remarkable state of preservation courtesy of the frozen environment.
      • And my tracks, leading away from my red backpack and across the frozen lake.
      • Down at the bottom, in a frozen lake of ice, you'll find it.
      • Nigel Collinson writes from Sutton-on-the-Forest wanting to know if the eggs and grubs of vine weevils will survive in the frozen compost of containers.
      • The discovery marked the culmination of a five-year, 400-mile fossil hunt across the Arctic's frozen tundra.
      • Shells fell everywhere, bursting along the embankment, splashing them with frozen slush.
      • And I realised that the light which I'd thought was colourless was the most amazing pale blue – the colour of a billion tons of frozen ocean.
      • They hoped to regulate the flow of water between the Arctic and Pacific Oceans, and thereby warm the frozen Russian north.
      • This pond will remain frozen pond for months.
      • Some of you might be aware that I am now working for a sport that takes place on frozen water.
      • Their numbers have certainly been swollen by extra birds dropping in from frozen stillwater fisheries.
      • The Albion Sports versus St Margaret's game was postponed due to a frozen pitch and has been rescheduled for Sunday.
      • The carriage passed through a dark forest with tall, frozen, sinister trees that seemed to glower and claw downward at them.
      • Soup and milk are delivered in the form of frozen bricks.

    • 1.2(of region)


    • 1.3informal (extremely cold)

      my feet are frozen tengo los pies helados / congelados
      • I was frozen stiff estaba congelado / como un témpano
      • This was not only a failed exercise in damage limitation on the park, but climatic survival for a frozen audience on arguably the coldest day of the season.

    • 1.4Cooking

      (vegetables/meat) congelado
      • Strange aisle layout, food in odd places, sausagemeat in the frozen foods.
      • Remember that frozen veg are just as nutritious as fresh.
      • The first cargo of frozen beef from Australia arrived in London in 1880, and after that became a regular import.
      • We now buy in bulk from producers in Kent rather than from frozen food outlets. "
      • U.S. exporters behave competitively and do not apply any market power in their sales of chilled beef (chuck, loin, and ribs) and frozen chuck and loin in our sample.
      • For now, substitute some dried or frozen parsley.
      • Julia tells the audience it's perfectly fine to use frozen spinach and frozen pastry dough.
      • The decision to expand the frozen food site was taken by bosses in a bid to cope with the company's 45 per cent growth over the past three years.
      • We dovetail with that in joining up our frozen dessert products with their much wider range of Atkins offerings.
      • Cameroon, Togo, Senegal and South Africa are among the other nations receiving imported frozen chickens and chicken parts.
      • To check the freezer temperature, place a thermometer between frozen food packages.
      • It's the utter lack of anything to do, the fact that their idea of nightlife entails a trip to the supermarket - mmm, frozen meat!
      • You can also open the overhead lockers without being hit by six truck-sized suitcases and a frozen salmon.
      • Austrian-born Wolfgang Puck has whipped up a $300 million empire ranging from the upscale Spago Hollywood to a line of frozen pizzas.
      • A lady was picking through the frozen chickens at the supermarket, but couldn't find one big enough for her family.
      • Oh, and that elusive frozen pea in the empty pack?
      • Blue, therefore, is most appropriate for frozen products since it gives the impression of ice.
      • One is an import-export distribution and processing division for frozen seafood and some meat products.
      • He handed me a large bag of frozen bluegill that he caught recently.

    • 1.5(motionless)

      I stood there frozen (to the spot) with horror me quedé allí clavado, paralizado por el terror

  • 2

    • 2.1Finance

      (incomes/prices) congelado

    • 2.2Finance

      (capital/credits) bloqueado
      frozen assets activo congelado masculine