Translation of fruit in Spanish:


fruta, n.

Pronunciation /frut//fruːt/


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    • 1.1(collectively)

      fruta feminine
      I don't like fruit no me gusta la fruta
      • different types of fruit distintos tipos de fruta
      • a piece of fruit una pieza de fruta
      • fruit grower fruticultor
      • fruit knife cuchillo de fruta
      • The abundance of pawpaw trees, whose fruit tastes like banana custard, amplifies the tropical effect.
      • Historically this has been an area for producing table grapes (along with other tree fruits such as cherries).
      • If you plant the seed of a sweet fruit such as an orange, it will grow as an orange tree and produce oranges.
      • As the lemurs digest the fleshy fruit, the seed is passed through their system, normally away from the parent tree.
      • Begin to buy whole-grain products and fresh fruits and vegetables.
      • Your baby requires vitamin C for tissue growth, while your body needs it to absorb iron and other important nutrients, so increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
      • Eat high-fiber foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, brans and whole grains.
      • The Burmese enjoy spicy foods and they favor fruits over processed sweets.
      • The variety of edible products carried on rolling stores included soda pop, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
      • China's food exports, often very competitively priced, include fresh and processed fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat.
      • Libran foods and plants include many fruits - strawberry, peach, apple, autumn berries.
      • Include lots of green leafy vegetables and sweet juicy fruits.
      • Whole fresh fruits, dried fruits and packaged pre-cut vegetables are easy snacks to take with you.
      • Because it contains high levels of salt, Josie should eat potassium-rich foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as drink lots of water.
      • You will be able to enjoy fresh vegetables, fruits, or sweets accompanied with a light soda or sparking water.
      • A meal is usually followed by fresh fruits or sweets.
      • Make a welcoming display in your hallway with bowls of fresh fruit, candles, sweets and wreaths.
      • Unlike mangoes and other tropical fruits, a diverse community of fig trees provides food year - round.
      • Upon entering the room the sweetest smell of fresh fruits and warm pastries flooded their senses, followed by the smell of cooked bacon.
      • The food eaten may be oysters, fresh fruit or vegetables, water, ice, or bakery products.

    • 1.2(type)

      (as food) fruta feminine
      Botany fruto masculine
      • Stained cells corresponding to immature xylem were detected in vascular bundles of flowers and fruits.
      • A wide variety of organs from various plant species were analysed: roots, stems, hypocotyls, leaves, fruits, and petioles.
      • Most of the major food crops of the world are highly sensitive to soil salinity; they show reduced growth rate and yield, and may have stunted fruits, leaves and stems.
      • The proportion of flowers and ovules that develop into fruits and seeds in flowering plants rarely reaches 1.
      • Every 12 h during the period of prolonged darkness, samples of young leaves, flowers, roots and fruits from two plants were harvested for analysis.

  • 2

    fruto masculine
    the fruits of the earth los frutos de la tierra
    • the fruit(s) of his labors/of two years' research el fruto de su trabajo/de dos años de investigación
    • My parents do all the work while I enjoy the fruits of their labor.
    • Technique, as always, is crucial to reaping the fruits of your labors.
    • That means I am attached to the results, to the fruits.
    • Our right is only over our actions, not over the fruits of the actions.
    • I got total pleasure from watching people's reaction as they enjoyed the fruits my labor.
    • By associating with IPRS, they enjoy the fruits of its activism.
    • Americans are still expecting to see the fruits of George W Bush's promised tax cuts trickle down over the next few years.
    • They need to get with the program and start enjoying the fruits of imperial labor.
    • The contest between capital and labour over the fruits of economically productive activity remains the front line struggle.
    • Photography remained a private activity, the fruits of which were stored in over 150 albums - 14,500 pages of images.
    • It was their just reward last week to see the fruits of their labour come to fruition and be recognised.
    • Exporters will reap the fruits of their labour.
    • It became evident in the select committee some weeks ago that there was an enormous risk that North Shore City would be denied the fruits of the results of the High Court decision.
    • Have you never experienced the fruits of my rewards?
  • 3US slang, offensive

    maricón masculine offensive informal
    mariposa masculine informal
    lilo masculine Mexico derogatory informal

intransitive verb

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    dar fruto