Translation of fuel in Spanish:


combustible, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfju(ə)l//fjuː(ə)l/


  • 1

    (for heating, lighting) combustible masculine
    (for engines) combustible masculine
    (for engines) carburante masculine
    to add fuel to the flames / fire (of controversy, dispute) echar leña al fuego
    • before noun fuel crisis crisis energética
    • fuel policy política energética
    • They are also well versed in the characteristics of fuels available for home heating such as wood, gas and oil.
    • Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, producing mostly just water vapor and carbon dioxide.
    • Burning fossil fuels is the main way humans add greenhouse gases to the environment.
    • For US Airways, rising fuel costs essentially canceled out the airline's labor cuts.
    • Adding liquid fuel could result in a flash fire.
    • Biodiesel is a cleaner burning fuel that can be made from domestic renewable resources such as vegetable oil.
    • The salt mine is one of more than 500 fleets using biodiesel fuel.
    • As around half of Australia's primary energy is derived from coal, a better alternative could be the production of liquid fuels from coal using the South African Sasol processes.
    • However, the solid rocket fuel was only produced in Germany and the Nazis had banned its export.
    • Soot is a product of incomplete combustion, especially of diesel fuels, biofuels, coal and outdoor biomass burning.
    • The main imports are raw materials, petroleum-based fuels, and consumer goods.
    • On September 5, truckers in France mounted nationwide blockades in protest against high diesel fuel prices.
    • The afterburner flames had ignited the fuel being dumped.
    • We can burn these fuels as power, for automobiles, aircraft, and so forth.
    • If we burn a fossil fuel like coal, the tax is $15 per tonne.
    • Almost all of the fuels used for transportation and the majority of the fuels used for heat and electricity come from petroleum products.
    • With high diesel fuel prices, selling close to home is important.
    • What's more, Northwest didn't attribute the fare increase to rising fuel costs.
    • In 50 years' time there will be very little in the way of fuels to heat, cool, light and power the homes of a rising population, in Australia and worldwide.
    • They burn methanol fuel and need to get push started.
  • 2

    acicate masculine
    • And, even if it is not solely by Shakespeare, at least this production will add merry fuel to the debate.
    • What happened in Bali sickens me - and not only because of the appalling suffering and loss of life, but because of the way it added spurious fuel to the cause of the warmongers.
    • The wider gap could add fuel to a long-term debate swirling around when modern human behavior, as opposed to modern human anatomy, emerged.
    • A lukewarm attitude of the government is sure to add fuel to the uneasiness of the people when the sales of imported American beef have been virtually suspended.
    • That passion is the emotional fuel driving the cognitive process.
    • But her birthplace has probably helped fuel her passion for things tropical.
    • Hate, preached from street corners and rogue lecterns is fuel for the internal fires of dissatisfaction in receptive, conditioned brains.
    • The links to the military and to the drug trade have been fuel for critics of a $1.6 billion anti-narcotics aid package that is being debated in Washington.
    • And this gives a lot of fuel to those arguments, and it's really heartbreaking.
    • Recent ruling adds new fuel to debate over cross-burning in public places
    • It adds fuel to the debate about whether his home city of York should be celebrating the devastating plot.
    • This rage is fuel for Islamic fundamentalism and terror.
    • Christian proselytizing is fuel for Muslim fundamentalists, but it is also a source of uneasiness between the pope and some of his more moderate and like-minded religious peers.
    • The latest record by the David Lowery-led Cracker adds fuel to the argument that Americans don't understand irony.
    • This clear flaunting of Islamic law by displaying pictures of scantily clad women will only add fuel to sentiments that the U.S. is trying to undermine Muslim culture in Iraq.
    • Meanwhile, the controversial sales add fuel to a growing international debate over who owns stolen artifacts.
    • And it's likely to add fuel to the controversy about games and violence.
    • Although neither my friends nor myself ever owned one, these toy robots were fuel for the imagination.
    • They are experienced enough to know how timing and careful selection of language can add fuel to inflamed prejudices.
    • His comments are certain to add fuel to the already fiery debate between councils and the Government over urban planning in the region.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (provide fuel for)
    (plane/ship) abastecer de combustible
    (stove/furnace) alimentar
  • 2

    (hope/passion) alimentar
    (debate) avivar
    (fear) exacerbar

intransitive verb

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