Translation of fuel in Spanish:


combustible, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfju(ə)l//fjuː(ə)l/


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    (for heating, lighting) combustible masculine
    (for engines) combustible masculine
    (for engines) carburante masculine
    before noun fuel crisis crisis energética feminine
    • fuel policy política energética
    • The salt mine is one of more than 500 fleets using biodiesel fuel.
    • The afterburner flames had ignited the fuel being dumped.
    • Biodiesel is a cleaner burning fuel that can be made from domestic renewable resources such as vegetable oil.
    • Almost all of the fuels used for transportation and the majority of the fuels used for heat and electricity come from petroleum products.
    • They are also well versed in the characteristics of fuels available for home heating such as wood, gas and oil.
    • Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, producing mostly just water vapor and carbon dioxide.
    • In 50 years' time there will be very little in the way of fuels to heat, cool, light and power the homes of a rising population, in Australia and worldwide.
    • Soot is a product of incomplete combustion, especially of diesel fuels, biofuels, coal and outdoor biomass burning.
    • What's more, Northwest didn't attribute the fare increase to rising fuel costs.
    • Burning fossil fuels is the main way humans add greenhouse gases to the environment.
    • For US Airways, rising fuel costs essentially canceled out the airline's labor cuts.
    • The main imports are raw materials, petroleum-based fuels, and consumer goods.
    • However, the solid rocket fuel was only produced in Germany and the Nazis had banned its export.
    • With high diesel fuel prices, selling close to home is important.
    • On September 5, truckers in France mounted nationwide blockades in protest against high diesel fuel prices.
    • We can burn these fuels as power, for automobiles, aircraft, and so forth.
    • If we burn a fossil fuel like coal, the tax is $15 per tonne.
    • They burn methanol fuel and need to get push started.
    • As around half of Australia's primary energy is derived from coal, a better alternative could be the production of liquid fuels from coal using the South African Sasol processes.
    • Adding liquid fuel could result in a flash fire.
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    acicate masculine
    • Christian proselytizing is fuel for Muslim fundamentalists, but it is also a source of uneasiness between the pope and some of his more moderate and like-minded religious peers.
    • The links to the military and to the drug trade have been fuel for critics of a $1.6 billion anti-narcotics aid package that is being debated in Washington.
    • The latest record by the David Lowery-led Cracker adds fuel to the argument that Americans don't understand irony.
    • And, even if it is not solely by Shakespeare, at least this production will add merry fuel to the debate.
    • This clear flaunting of Islamic law by displaying pictures of scantily clad women will only add fuel to sentiments that the U.S. is trying to undermine Muslim culture in Iraq.
    • And it's likely to add fuel to the controversy about games and violence.
    • Meanwhile, the controversial sales add fuel to a growing international debate over who owns stolen artifacts.
    • But her birthplace has probably helped fuel her passion for things tropical.
    • Although neither my friends nor myself ever owned one, these toy robots were fuel for the imagination.
    • This rage is fuel for Islamic fundamentalism and terror.
    • It adds fuel to the debate about whether his home city of York should be celebrating the devastating plot.
    • And this gives a lot of fuel to those arguments, and it's really heartbreaking.
    • What happened in Bali sickens me - and not only because of the appalling suffering and loss of life, but because of the way it added spurious fuel to the cause of the warmongers.
    • That passion is the emotional fuel driving the cognitive process.
    • They are experienced enough to know how timing and careful selection of language can add fuel to inflamed prejudices.
    • The wider gap could add fuel to a long-term debate swirling around when modern human behavior, as opposed to modern human anatomy, emerged.
    • A lukewarm attitude of the government is sure to add fuel to the uneasiness of the people when the sales of imported American beef have been virtually suspended.
    • Hate, preached from street corners and rogue lecterns is fuel for the internal fires of dissatisfaction in receptive, conditioned brains.
    • His comments are certain to add fuel to the already fiery debate between councils and the Government over urban planning in the region.
    • Recent ruling adds new fuel to debate over cross-burning in public places

transitive verb

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    (provide fuel for)
    (ship/plane) abastecer de combustible
    (furnace/stove) alimentar
    • Enriched uranium can be used to fuel power plants or to make weapons if highly enriched.
    • We believe it is critical for success that we address the underlying factors of risk to HIV, which fuel HIV transmission.
    • Despite their best efforts, station officer Joe Hassle said a lack of access to water and the straw fuelling the fire hampered the crews.
    • Dry conditions and wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour are fueling the fires.
    • Those hot and dry Santa Ana winds which have fueled this fire from the outset are not blowing today in the Los Angeles area.
    • However, as the country started to industrialise itself, more and more coal was needed to fuel steam engines and furnaces.
    • After several years of research, Bain is convinced that the on-board hydrogen certainly fueled the fire, but it played no role in starting it.
    • The amount of electricity produced is much less than power plants fueled by coal or natural gas, but with very low operating costs, the solar project is expected quickly to turn a profit while emitting zero pollution.
    • So, too, is the natural gas which will be ‘monetised’ to fuel the plant, among other factors of production.
    • This process is but one cog in the machine of war that obtains the resources that fuels the machine of war that obtains the recources.
    • Because the railway networks are straining to transport 400 million tonnes of coal to fuel electricity plants, many other goods are left behind.
    • The fabric and wood fueled the flames while fire units worked to extinguish the blaze.
    • It's like fueling the engine of a race car with the same regular, unleaded gasoline you put into your lawn mower!
    • We continue to rely on aircraft carriers and troops to assure adequate supplies of oil to fuel our cars and heat our homes.
    • This, of course, required a steam plant fueled by coal.
    • Your electric could rise too, because 17 percent of power plants are fueled by natural gas.
    • Sixty years ago, American industrial and financial power fueled the rebuilding of a world capitalist order that had been shattered by depression and war.
    • When England was the center of the Industrial Revolution, coal fueled the steam engines.
    • Our land typifies the condition of the vast forests of the American West, where increasingly crowded undergrowth has fueled the huge fires of recent years.
    • Increased peasant purchasing power would then fuel the growth of industry as it responded to increased demand.
    • It fuels the amazing fire tornado, which pirouettes in a fiery red glow at ten-minute intervals.
    • What you want to do is get down to lower weights on fuel so you're not carrying a lot of fuel, so if anything happened that the plane broke apart you wouldn't have a big fire fueled by a lot of fuel on board.
    • And Cummins imports engines fueled by natural gas for mainland bus fleets.
    • A drought in Portugal is helping to fuel huge fires now.
    • Most US power plants are fueled by coal, fuel oil, and natural gas, the only fuels available in sufficient quantities to meet the demand.
    • Price hikes would also be up to the state-run Chinese Petroleum Corporation, as it is the company that supplies oil and gas to fuel the power plants.
    • Customers fueled the fire by trying to put out the flames with their drinks.
    • The fierce Santa Ana winds are fueling the flames, driving those fires about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles.
    • About the simplest way to fuel an engine was to call in a tank wagon from the local Shell distributor and have him fill the switcher on the crew's 20-minute lunch break.
    • An onsite cogeneration plant fueled by chipped tree waste provides hot water and electricity for the whole complex and heat for work spaces.
    • Authorities say powerful Santa Ana winds are fueling the fires.
    • Driving a car fueled by something other than gasoline or diesel fuel is no longer the stuff of science fiction.
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    (passion/hope) alimentar
    (debate) avivar
    (fear) exacerbar
    • While this reflects the fact that we all have God-given talents and will often desire to express and utilise them, the motivations fuelling passion can run deep and be complex.
    • Add to this a few allegations of cover-ups and fear mongering and an absolute media frenzy that further fuelled the feeling of terror throughout US and the world.
    • Is liberty a price worth paying, for a security that will only fuel our feelings of insecurity?
    • Reading some of the hot stories fueled the feelings.
    • His words inflamed, and helped fuel the violent unrest of the days to come, an ugly venting of accumulated African rage.
    • She kissed him with a passion fueled by her intense fear of being found out, and she felt him kissing her back.
    • Behind these successes is a background of unemployment, which can be used to fuel racist feelings.
    • The paintings seemed stirred by the same passions that fuel the Spanish love for bullfights.
    • The attacks fueled a feeling of patriotism across the country.
    • We can all look around and find situations that fuel a certain feeling in our lives.
    • That statistic, though, will only fuel the feeling that a longer burst of Czech activity will be too much for Greece back in this stadium in the second semi-final on Thursday night.
    • The pain only fueled my boiling rage at the fact.
    • The move has fuelled resentment and protests among ‘plains’ people who fear they will be disadvantaged in the new state.
    • After that line has been crossed her own deeply buried shame fuels her resentments and fears and it seems there is no hope for her.
    • Neither action will make us any safer, but fear fuels a futile desire to turn back time and freeze the world the way it was, or the way we thought it was, before the news hit.
    • This period of insecurity and pain has since fuelled his desire for rebellion.
    • The last thing I want is for my resignation to fuel unrest at the club.
    • Such feelings are fueled by the bounty that this land is blessed with - more than two thousand varieties of the mango in all conceivable combinations of shape, flavour, aroma, and texture.
    • Comments like these just fuel feelings of social isolation.
    • He said the threats directed at the nurses appeared to have started with other hospital staff and he promised to investigate and get rid of anyone found to be fuelling negative feeling towards the nurses.

intransitive verb

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