Translation of fuel rod in Spanish:

fuel rod

barra de combustible, n.


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    barra de combustible feminine
    • We talk in his spacious office, which has views over the North Sea and a presentation fuel rod on the windowsill.
    • To provide that a coal-fired power station will output more than 14 tonnes of carbon dioxide, while a nuclear station will output about 80 grams of used fuel rod to produce the same megawatt day.
    • When a fuel rod is spent and removed from the reactor, it is hot and highly radioactive.
    • Pellets of nuclear fuel are contained within the fuel rods of nuclear fission reactors.
    • Anti-nuclear activists, however, said that the plant operators should have earlier on identified the risk involved with using a damaged fuel rod in the reactor.
    • These pellets are stacked one on top of another in a hollow cylindrical tube known as the fuel rod and then inserted into the reactor core.
    • The fuel rod becomes very hot because of the cumulative energy of many fissioning nuclei.
    • Pyongyang announced it had completed removing spent fuel rods from a nuclear reactor in a key step towards the manufacture of more atomic bombs.
    • This is not just a nuclear power reactor, but a repository for highly radioactive spent fuel rods from two other nuclear plants owned by Progress Energy.
    • The agency's report marked the first time South Korea has confirmed the communist North has begun reprocessing its pool of 8,000 nuclear spent fuel rods.
    • Spent fuel rods are extracted from nuclear reactors when their uranium is no longer efficient for producing electricity.
    • The fuel rod was removed in 1979 from the Vermont Yankee reactor, which is currently shut down for refueling and maintenance.
    • Keep in mind that this 3-5% enrichment is only for the production of fuel rods for nuclear power plants.
    • To control the reactor (the equivalent of turning up and down a flame on a gas cooker) control rods made of boron or cadmium are inserted near the fuel rod to absorb neutrons.
    • The talks in Beijing broke up early amid US claims that North Korea admitted to having already built a number of nuclear weapons and to starting the reprocessing of spent fuel rods.
    • There are plans to make room at this site for the storage of used fuel rods from German nuclear power plants, similar to the storage of nuclear waste at the Sellafield plant in Great Britain.
    • Experts estimate that reprocessing all the fuel rods would enable the production of 25 to 30 kilograms of plutonium, enough to build two to five nuclear devices.
    • It has threatened to resume its missile tests and reprocess spent fuel rods from its nuclear reactor, a possible step toward making nuclear arms.
    • Tensions over North Korea's nuclear programs have increased as it has removed 8,000 spent fuel rods from a nuclear reactor, which could be used to create more nuclear arms.
    • I've seen data that say if you take all of the spent fuel rods generated in nuclear plants in the U.S. and stack them up, you'll have a pile that's 10 yards high and fits inside a football field.