Translation of fugitive in Spanish:


fugitivo, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈfjuːdʒɪtɪv//ˈfjudʒədɪv/


  • 1

    fugitivo masculine
    fugitiva feminine
    a fugitive from justice un prófugo de la justicia
    • Readers may be shocked to learn that I am currently harbouring a political fugitive.
    • An escape from slavery is an expansion of experience and cultural consciousness, one that fugitive slave narratives record repeatedly.
    • He fled bail to become a fugitive from justice.
    • And he is one of the six most wanted fugitives by the FBI.
    • A wanted fugitive of the American highways has been holding up traffic in Steeton.
    • The officers watched in amazement as their daring fugitive escaped.
    • Still, he was about to apprehend a fugitive who'd eluded the police for eleven years.
    • We extradite fugitives that come to America from other countries.
    • I would rather die first, or become a fugitive from justice!
    • The federal government also pursued the matter of fugitive slaves escaping overland to territories held by foreign powers.
    • And, as if that wasn't bad enough, the fugitives had been separated.
    • Of course, helping a fugitive escape the police wasn't on the agenda either.
    • Right now he is a fugitive on the run, if he is alive.
    • We get two to three thousand calls every week, and we've caught 723 dangerous fugitives in 31 countries.
    • Now in his 16th season, "America's Most Wanted " has helped capture 735 fugitives.
    • Now that she has become a fugitive from justice, the townspeople see an opportunity to exploit her.
    • On the morning of February 10, a wanted fugitive surrendered himself to police.
    • They emerged from 1960s radical chic to become America's most wanted fugitives.
    • On the morning of February 11, a fugitive wanted online throughout the country was arrested.
    • Information gathered by the police indicates that all of the fugitives have scattered.


  • 1

    (slave/dissident) fugitivo
  • 2literary

    fugaz literary
  • 3

    (not fast)
    (dye/color) no sólido