Translation of full-scale in Spanish:


a escala natural, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌfʊlˈskeɪl//ˈfʊl ˈˌskeɪl/


  • 1

    (actual size)
    (plan/drawing/model) a escala natural
    • The design center is capable of doing everything from initial sketches to full-scale clay models.
    • Tourists were invited to have a go at a full-scale working example of a Roman water machine, which went on show at the Museum of London yesterday.
    • This could then be worked up into a yet larger, full-scale model in plaster.
    • Their plans, plus one full-scale model, are on display in the Archie Key gallery space.
    • Phoenix Mars Mission Principal Investigator Peter Smith will unveil a full-scale Mars lander this Friday at a VIP celebration at the Phoenix Mars Mission Science Operations Center in Tucson.
    • Thus, the solution permits the construction of a full-scale machine on the basis of a working model.
    • He is now developing a full-scale prototype but stressed the design was quite different from that used in the Aquada.
    • But now, scientists at Cambridge University have been able to display the full-scale map on a flat-panel screen, scrolling the map as necessary to cover the territory.
    • Cut your wood to size and trace the full-scale pattern right on to your wood.
    • Changes from the small model were made as the problems of working full-scale developed.
  • 2

    (work) de envergadura
    (work) importante
    (investigation) a fondo
    (test) a escala real
    (war) declarado
    • The facility, he said, will be the Hanover capital's first full-scale funeral home complex.
    • It was his eventual invasion of Poland in 1939 that brought upon the full-scale war.
    • After six years of design and development, the build of the first full-scale Pelamis Wave Energy Converter has been completed.
    • What is problematic in the views of market socialists is that they regard this state of affairs as intrinsically preferable to full-scale planning.
    • Weeks of carpet bombing, a full-scale invasion and years propping up a successor regime would be required, he said.
    • Perhaps not an outright invasion, and almost certainly no full-scale occupation.
    • The Diaspora is abuzz: it's a full-scale Bollywood invasion of the United Kingdom!
    • It is neither a full-scale biography nor a comprehensive history of the Korean War.
    • According to Eastwood, President Reagan promised a full-scale invasion if any were found.
    • So it's not yet full-scale Romanov worship, complete with icons in front of these new tombs.
    • Of course, one can be committed to regime change without launching a full-scale invasion of a country.
    • Many countries have small model treatment programs, but not full-scale national plans.
    • According to The Guardian, a full-scale invasion of Afghanistan is in preparation.
    • With the sustained and steady economic growth in China, China's urbanization has stepped into the stage of full-scale acceleration, said Chinese Vice Minister of Construction Qiu Baoxing Tuesday.
    • The full-scale test control and data acquisition system is one of the most advanced available anywhere in the world.
    • A penalty winner from Barry Robson, a full-scale pitch invasion and then a red card for the aforementioned scorer.
    • Loosing patience with Denmark, Charles launched a full-scale invasion in August 1658.
    • This morning I'd allowed my gazing into space to modulate into a full-scale reverie, and I'd lost track completely.
    • With their failure, the stage was set for a full-scale invasion by the Roman army from Syria.
    • Experiments which would take weeks with a full-scale glider could be completed in hours on the Wright balance.
    • That is why the process of treaty settlements needs a full-scale, independent, and comprehensive review.
    • It is seen as a back-door route to full-scale privatization and is a major municipal issue.
    • If a full-scale invasion was to take place, the Romans would need far more men in their invasion force.