Translation of full-time in Spanish:


de tiempo completo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfʊl ˈˌtaɪm///


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    (soldier/student) de tiempo completo
    (post/employment) de jornada completa
    (employment/post) de tiempo completo
    it's a full-time job looking after three children cuidar a tres niños es un trabajo de jornada completa / de dedicación exclusiva
    • Teaching is a full-time job and it needs a full-time commitment to one school.
    • If you have full-time selectors whose job is to watch cricket 365 days a year, then it is okay.
    • He had refused to give up is job in the financial sector in order to become a full-time rugby professional.
    • The expansion is expected to create around 100 new full-time jobs over the next five years.
    • Her father died with so many assets that even the job of getting rid of the money will be a full-time career.
    • He will combine his new role with his full-time night job at a logistics centre at Manchester Airport.
    • Peter wrote a trial script for Coronation Street which landed him a job as a full-time storyliner.
    • From this page, you can scan in-depth profiles of the leading B-schools, as well as profiles of hundreds of other full-time programs.
    • Now it has full-time professional staff working with vulnerable youngsters.
    • The hard-working couple's evenings at the cinema came on top of full-time day jobs.
    • My mum was employed in that most challenging of jobs - being a full-time mother to four children.
    • Despite a Sportscotland grant for a new full-time coach, the job could be one of the first victims of the cuts.
    • Is it such a crazy question to ask someone who is offering you a full-time job?
    • The loss of a part-time job or a casual job can, to that person, be just as important as the loss of a full-time job.
    • That decision to give up his full-time job to pursue music did not come lightly.
    • They still need to give their own time to the job, just as full-time teachers do.
    • Working mothers find the professional demands of full-time teaching difficult to fulfil.
    • They should then receive 50 per cent of the wages of full-time employees.
    • Faure may soon be obliged to give up the day job and become a full-time musician if the committee decides against her.
    • This program is for full-time students employed in retail or service stores, agriculture, or colleges and universities.


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    a tiempo completo
    to work full-time trabajar a tiempo completo
    • Tracy has joined the ranks of those dodging tax; she goes full-time from September.
    • She said the juggling act between being a parent and working full-time was difficult.
    • He now works full-time at Ashiestiel in the autumn, certainly the upper beat's gain.
    • Mr Brook is now hoping to give up his career as a joiner to breed the animals full-time.
    • We are employed full-time in the business and we are the holders of the licence.
    • He later joined full-time and has risen through the ranks and became a senior divisional officer.
    • If you've ever wanted to teach comics full-time, now may be your opportunity.
    • Second, she is now able to train full-time at the Birmingham High Performance Centre.
    • I took a year and a half out of Linkin Park to tour full-time with these other guys.
    • There is a chairman who is a lawyer, and will sit either full-time or part-time.
    • It was good, I enjoyed it, but when you go full-time you don't have as much time.
    • This would make it easier for those who want to have families and continue in their professions full-time.
    • The day they start producing that programme is the day I hit the golf course full-time.
    • It employs approximately a hundred people full-time in those various offices.
    • In 1909, she gave up her job as teacher and went to work full-time for the suffragette movement.
    • I was working full-time and doing things for Josh and rushing about on the school run.
    • I took Ann on full-time and began to manufacture in and out of house using a cutting and sewing firm in Blackburn.
    • Ray followed in his father's footsteps and served full-time at Swindon fire station for two years.
    • Even if we had the station manned full-time we couldn't have got here any quicker than we did.
    • Vikki gets incapacity benefit while Gary looks after the children full-time.



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    final del partido reglamentario masculine
    final del tiempo reglamentario masculine
    • Brookes couldn't add the goal but on the stroke of full time he added a penalty to seal the win.
    • They scored again on the stroke of full time which left them agonisingly close to claiming victory.
    • The game ended with Town having another try disallowed on full time just to seal a dismal day.
    • He isn't like some managers who won't talk to you if you are injured or rant and rave at half time and full time.
    • After full time we moved from the safe-but-boring pints of lager to vodka.
    • Quins scored their last try eight minutes before full time when Ben Willis raced over from close in.
    • Frankland saved at the feet of Danny Davis in injury time but Lewes ran out at full time as deserved winners.
    • North End only clinched that game in the dying minutes of extra time after being held to a draw at full time.
    • Clayton scored a consolation try just before full time but it was too little too late.
    • The referee blows for full-time and France have been given another big scare.
    • Anders Frisk blows for full time and Portugal hang in there by the skin of their teeth.
    • An official then blew for full time with the clock still showing one second.
    • Obong was denied his fourth when his shot came back off a post on the stroke of full time.
    • If games are tied at full-time an extra period will be played with the first team to score winning the game.