Translation of full stop in Spanish:

full stop

punto, n.



  • 1

    punto masculine
    I won't do it, full stop no pienso hacerlo y punto / y se acabó
    • I think I might even go beyond this - he has the most fantastic ear for dialogue full stop, which is why he has so many imitators, although none of them quite get the bark and bite of his words so well.
    • And in saying that, I believe the endgame is to privatise the whole of the benefits system, full stop!
    • I am very sure that we should say that he should resign full stop.
    • Crude monetarism still rules; if it makes money it works, if it doesn't it's wrong, full stop, and you don't have to listen to any other viewpoint because, well, they don't have any money do they?
    • The beach will not, cannot, and will never be sold to a bunch of foreigners - full stop!
    • The smoking issue is about personal choice: full stop.
    • He was prescribed medication by his doctor but he didn't like the side effects it had and didn't like taking them full stop.
    • A qualified firefighter, who at the end of this will no doubt have to settle for far less than 40 per cent, would only be on a salary of £30,000 full stop.
    • On the question of votes to prisoners, he said: ‘We believe that citizens are citizens, full stop.’
    • In fact, even if you think his ideas are lousy full stop, his behaviour is lousy, his friends, clothes and the way he deals with the kids are lousy, you must never say so.
    • He said when Mr Howard was home secretary in 1996, he had put forward and passed through parliament an act that withdrew benefits from asylum seekers full stop, but that was overturned by the courts.
    • You're right that I can't read Harry as anything other than damaged goods: I can't read him in the books, full stop, he doesn't make sense to me.
    • ‘We're not getting it right, full stop,’ he laughs, when I suggest he run down a list of the positives in new Scottish public space.
    • Erm, no Mother, I've been buying odds and ends there for 12 years now, no-one gets a discount, ever, full stop, and it's not as if I hadn't already told you that!
    • A quotation on the cover calls its author ‘the best historian, full stop, of that hallucinatory decade when politics imitated celluloid’.
    • Heck, I don't like doing exams on any day, full stop!
    • As well as hating smoking full stop, I hate anyone smoking in public places purely because the cigarette smoke always affects us non-smokers too.
    • Since politics is all about the organisation of society, to be ‘socially’ liberal is to be liberal - full stop.