Translation of fullness in Spanish:


lo lleno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʊlnəs//ˈfʊlnəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(being filled, crowded)

      lo lleno
      • The ear may also feel blocked up and uncomfortable, with a sense of fullness.
      • But, most importantly, remember that a vague sense of nausea with an. uncomfortable fullness in your neck and throat may be your only warning of an impending heart attack.
      • Therefore, children with an earache or a sense of fullness in the ear, especially when combined with fever, should be evaluated by their doctors if they aren't improving.
      • Some patients report ear pain or fullness before the paralysis.
      • Symptoms include fullness in the head, shortness of breath, weakness, and fatigue.
      • Emptiness is as full as fullness, and the whiteness of the paper is as expressive as the marks made upon it.
      • Occlusion of the eustachian tube produces a sense of fullness in the affected ear and a mild conductive hearing loss, which may be increased if there is fluid in the middle ear.
      • Now, the air was full beyond fullness.
      • The most common presenting complaints are shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, and a sense of fullness within the chest.
      • I can't speak for anyone else, but for me my bin is cyclically in various degrees of emptiness and fullness: perhaps balancing out to both the proverbial half empty of the pessimist and the half full of the optimist.
      • The lengthy pause after the last person strolls past emphasises both the void and provides a sense of fullness and weight.
      • Deficient spleen Qi is shown by a sense of malaise or fullness in that area.
      • In eroticism the poles of life and death, being and nothingness, fullness and emptiness are one, dissolved like subject and object in the insensible totality of things.
      • In adults, complete resolution of symptoms such as ear fullness may take 6 weeks.
      • People with phlebitis complain of fullness, aching and fatigue in the lower legs.
      • According to traditional Chinese medicine, the red bayberry, or Yangmei, can cure such abnormal physical symptoms as excessive perspiring, sensation of fullness in the chest and a light head.
      • Most of the bupleurum formulas associated with the various permutations of Lesser Yang stage disease include the symptom of tightness and fullness of the chest.
      • It's also helpful in treating a sense of fullness in the chest or vomiting.

    • 1.2(repletion)

      plenitud feminine
      • In addition, sensations of fullness, nausea, hunger and other perceptions were measured at baseline and again at 60-minute intervals.
      • Restrictive procedures promote weight loss by restricting intake via a small stomach capacity and delayed emptying, which causes a sense of fullness.
      • With the exception of milk, liquid calories don't cause your body to register a sense of fullness; as a result, you stay hungrier, consume more calories than you need, and gain more weight.
      • The lunch brought back more than a sense of fullness.
      • This fills your stomach, giving you a sense of fullness and helping you avoid late-night snacking.
      • Having access to big portions can override our natural sense of fullness.
      • Symptoms such as anorexia, nausea, vomiting, postprandial fullness, and diarrhea, all presumably secondary to gastric dysfunction, may be responsible.
      • In this way, when you take your first bite you can take it with a relaxed sense of adding to your fullness, and not with a sense of needing to rush or overeat.
      • Slipping back into old overeating habits requires a certain amount of dedication to consistently override the pain and discomfort of fullness, until you no longer register it.
      • Dieters say that if you're used to eating a lot of bagels, pasta, pizza and sandwiches, you have to eat large amounts of protein- and fat-rich food to get the same feeling of fullness.
      • They probably do provide a certain sense of fullness that helps the dieter stick with their regimen - kind of like a homemade Slimfast.
      • Fat also helps maintain healthy hair and skin, protects vital organs, keeps your body insulated, and provides a sense of fullness after meals (satiety).
      • So the foods most likely to give you that sense of fullness will be foods that are highly caloric, say, that might be high-fat, high-sugar foods.
      • The ride home was noticeably slower, due to fullness, fatigue, and a strong headwind.
      • This helps to curb hunger by filling the stomach and giving a sense of fullness.
      • This may cause a brief sensation of fullness, nausea or the need to belch.
      • This leads to a sense of fullness and has been clinically documented to result in significant weight loss.
      • Protein is digested slowly, so foods high in this macronutrient help to prolong feelings of fullness.
      • Symptoms of intolerance are almost exclusively restricted to GI discomfort - diarrhea, excessive fullness, and nausea.
      • I had ordered from the light menu and I had a takeout box in my hand, so I was surprised to have achieved this state of stuffed-to-the-gills fullness.

  • 2

    lo completo
    in the fullness of time (eventually) con el tiempo
    • all will be revealed in the fullness of time ya llegará el momento en que se revele todo
    • ‘Above all it takes a community to work together with pride in itself and faith in its capacity to reveal the fullness of its own beauty’, she added.
    • An immediate sense of fullness suffused her, as if she had been waiting for just this thing to feel complete.
    • When we are in the fullness of health, it is too easy to say there are conditions under which we would no longer want to live.
    • Jupiter is the largest of all the planets, aptly reflecting its principle of drawing us towards a sense of fullness and offering a grander, more expansive vision of reality.
    • Together we can move toward that fullness of truth we all strive for.
    • He knew I had witnessed the episode in its fullness.
    • Counsel for the respondent challenged the honesty and fullness of the account given by Ms Peters for the delay.
    • This is the most painful state, because the essential drive of every person is the drive for fullness and completion.
    • A treatise on the fulness of the everlasting gospel, setting forth its first principles, promises, and blessings.
    • To grasp this world in its fullness must lie beyond our capacities as moderns.
    • When I am in the presence of other human beings I want to revel in their creative and intellectual fullness, their uninhibited social warmth.
    • In a short few days, she managed to give him the sense of fullness that no others had ever given; she managed to become the most important person in his life.
    • The combination of tiny, needle-fine details and a larger view or panorama creates an unusual sense of fullness and completion.
    • Eventually a small still voice asked the gathering if anyone present, who regarded themselves as living the Catholic faith in its fullness, might raise their hands.
    • Even our brothers and sisters who find themselves in the clinical condition of a ‘vegetative state’ retain their human dignity in all its fullness.
    • Other things - such as activity, loving, fullness of commitment - might also be involved.
    • Well, it's the earliest images - of independence and freedom, particularly - that do live obstinately on, despite the blessing and the bludgeoning of life's fullness.
    • Sara reveled in the completeness, the fullness she felt.
    • The second account is certainly fuller, but in what does this fullness consist?
    • It is not surprising, therefore, that Newfoundland has a long and rich literary tradition and no shortage of poets who have given voice to the essential fullness of life in that bioregion.
    • Jesus said he came that we might have life - life in all it's fullness.
  • 3

    • 3.1(of figure, face)

      lo regordete
      lo llenito informal
      • As you get older, the collagen in your body is naturally degraded: so the skin gradually begins to lose its fullness and elasticity, leading to wrinkles.
      • Within the tradition of Western aesthetics, female form has been defined and judged on the basis of the plasticity of its parts, the smoothness and fullness of its shape, and its capacity for completeness.
      • She did not have any other significant medical problems, but had noticed increased facial hair, new acne, and an increased fullness in her cheeks and trunk over the preceding months.
      • But while Gunter lacked symmetry and fullness (as most tall bodybuilders do), it's those qualities that set Alex apart from other behemoths.
      • Dot a little lip gloss in the middle of the lower lip for extra fullness, and then run your little finger around the inside of your lips to prevent excess lipstick smearing on your teeth.
      • He has been using injections of Restylane to smooth facial wrinkles such as laugh lines around the mouth and to enhance the appearance and fullness of lips.
      • Where the irises become skeletal by the end, the roses continue to retain their fullness.
      • It may be the shape of your eyes, the fullness of your lips or even the gleam of your smile.
      • True, he is given to a certain stoutness and fullness of frame, but it has been remarked that this well-apportioned girth rather adds to the majestic dignity of his bearing.
      • Of course, you'd need to use athletic socks for that, to properly convey the fullness women acquire when they're with child.
      • I was fortunate enough to be born with good muscle shape and fullness, particularly in my biceps.
      • She could almost taste the fullness of his lips…
      • I've noticed that my conditioning is now far better than ever, not to mention that my physique continues to improve at a faster rate in terms of density, fullness and detail.
      • By analyzing the mechanics and stress vectors of my chest exercises, I was able to reapply them with fresh techniques that gave my chest a much rounder and wider fullness, wrapping my pecs farther around my rib cage.
      • Chelsea lifts a finger and draws a line from his cheek to the fullness of his lips.
      • Her producer called to tell her ‘the network is concerned with the fullness of your face,’.
      • The hayrick steadily rose to its conical fullness.
      • I was savoring the lengthy period of feeling the cushioned and firm fullness of her lips as they had seemingly massaged mine in our endeavor.
      • Soon my muscles began to exhibit more fullness, depth and separation.
      • The Spectrum implant, filled posteriorly, gives more fullness and wideness to the base of the breast.

    • 3.2(of garment)

      lo amplio
      • He applies a lightweight gloss after blow-drying and before curling to help keep her hair's natural volume and fullness under control and to add shine.
      • Likewise conditioner: these days, a good conditioner should lend fullness and gloss to the lankest or driest of locks.
      • This style of course was chosen to suit the shape of the client's face and highlight the features by giving fullness at the back and texturing the hair at the front.
      • Even bridal gowns that have a built-in crinoline often lack the luster and fullness that a bridal crinoline offers.
      • For fullness at the top of the hair and softer, natural curls at the bottom, medium to small heated rollers from the ears down to the ends of the hair (especially around the neck area) can be used.
      • They'll work hard to rebuild texture and add fullness to your limp strands.
      • Choose elasticized waistbands or smooth-front waistbands with elastic in back, but avoid too much fullness; have just enough for a comfortable fit over the hips and waist.
      • The ends were point cut, producing different lengths that add fullness and body. if you're an individualist
      • For a narrow chin, the best look is a rounded shape with fullness at the bottom.
      • If your hair is naturally thin or fine use a great volume enhancing shampoo to add fullness.
      • As for the cut, I tapered the hair on the back and sides, gradually creating fullness toward the top.
      • For the right balance, try a soft ball gown without too much fullness or a skirt shape that is flat in front with draping or bustles in the back.
      • Elasticized waistlines with gentle fullness and softly gathered skirt styles will camouflage rather than accentuate your curves.
      • Long face shapes should add layers for fullness on sides.
      • She added the curly-textured hairpiece for fullness and easy maintenance.
      • Choose a style that adds fullness around your jaw, not your forehead.
      • An underskirt is sewn into the garment giving it extra fullness.
      • Clothing was deceptively simple, with soft, heavy materials giving fullness and weight.
      • Gathered and elasticized waistlines, and full, bias-cut skirts also add some fullness.
      • A pear shaped face can be balanced with fullness at the crown and the around the temples.