Translation of fumes in Spanish:


gases, n.

Pronunciation /fjuːmz/

plural noun

  • 1

    gases masculine
    to give off fumes despedir gases
    • Inhaling nitric acid fumes can cause irritation or burns to the respiratory system and may lead to pneumonia and a collection of fluid in the lungs, which can be fatal.
    • Many factors can affect the amount of fume generated and the toxicity hazards of those emissions.
    • You set fire to it, then deeply inhale the smoky poisonous fumes.
    • After paying him, he took off, leaving me to inhale his gas fumes, which led to yet another hacking spell.
    • At around 3.30 am, after everyone had returned to the house and gone to bed, Mr Keith said he was alerted by the smell of fumes and a smoke alarm going off in the extension.
    • This should be followed by banning power stations, which spew out fumes and greenhouse gases.
    • But by the same token, I'm making an equally viable decision not to smoke - that includes not inhaling your stale fumes.
    • An elderly man died from inhaling poisonous fumes as he tried to put out a fire at his home.
    • I inhale fumes from the car mechanic's shop downstairs, I shower over the rumbling of the subway.
    • Symptoms can be made worse by emotional stress, some foods, smells, fumes, smoke, or travelling.
    • Today, health bosses pledged to offer all smokers the chance to give up smoking - while at the same time doing all they could to stop non-smokers inhaling poisonous fumes.
    • Many said they had smelled strong gas fumes during the explosion.
    • I also have become very ill from inhaling the fumes from the exhaust diesel gases that come from the buses.
    • And inhaling the exhaust fumes is unpleasant and unhealthy.
    • If you suspect that someone has inhaled poisonous fumes, first assess the situation and your risk.
    • These alloys are very toxic and dangerous if beryllium fumes are not captured and exhausted by proper ventilating equipment.
    • Have a gas mask to prevent you from inhaling any hazardous fumes.
    • Respirators must be worn if the ambient concentration of welding fumes exceeds prescribed exposure limits.
    • The factors considered by the agency are noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke and artificial lighting as well as the discharge of any solid or liquid substance on to the land.
    • But on 6 March of that year Ross Lockridge killed himself with the fumes from his car exhaust.