Translation of function in Spanish:


función, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʌŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n//ˈfəŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of tool, machine, organ)

      función feminine
      to carry out/perform a function cumplir/desempeñar una función
      • Grammar is just a natural function of children's brains, and they apply it to whatever they find.
      • In both cases, the ultimate goal is to understand how suites of traits and trade-offs between competing functions respond to natural selection.
      • It is on a pivotal city centre site and we do not see the two other city centre post offices performing the function.
      • One plus of physical stores, says Sinnreich, is that they perform educational and informational functions in ways a Web site can't duplicate.
      • There was a presentation which looked at what a Parish Pastoral Council is, its role, functions and activities.
      • In nearly all cases, the best that can be hoped for is an alternative to natural functions which is almost as good as the real thing.
      • This bill sets out in minute detail the functions and purposes of this new entity in a way that I have never seen before.
      • What the dogs do is a natural function but where they do it is chosen by humans.
      • But its increased economic insularity is more likely to be a natural function of its financial predicament.
      • Apparently they have very important natural functions in the brain but, like everything else, can go awry sometimes - a bit like cells going wrong and turning into cancer.
      • According to Dr. Jose, the opening up of micro-vascular channels enhances the natural physiological functions.
      • Four important bodily functions are provided by the muscles of our bodies.
      • New Forestry aimed to mimic natural forest functions while providing for conventional timber objectives.
      • The law regulates the establishment, scope, functions and the activity of the Commission on Financial Supervision.
      • But it does play on social mores and our embarrassment about natural bodily functions, albeit in a crude way.
      • This is because, the article argues, they are a similar frequency to the type of electrical activity natural to cellular functions and so may cause interference.
      • One of the great things about getting older is that you become less embarrassed about your body and its natural functions.
      • Today the centre is in full use with sporting activities, meetings, courses, functions and other activities such as the very successful play group.
      • When a breast can't perform its natural functions, many women find it difficult to accept it as part of their body.
      • These priorities will be driven by the needs of the organization, which are a function of the business purposes and current problems.

    • 1.2(role, duty)

      función feminine
      it's not part of my function to do that eso no está dentro de mis funciones
      • that seems to be my function in life esa parece ser mi misión en la vida
      • it's his only useful function es para lo único que sirve

  • 2

    (reception, party) recepción feminine
    (reception, party) reunión social feminine
    (show) función feminine
    (ceremony) acto masculine
    (ceremony) ceremonia feminine
    • And since Mathilde was again pregnant, she will not have been keen to have a full diary of cultural events and social functions.
    • As we walked around to thank our supporters after the final whistle, I recognised many fans that we all knew so well through the many functions and events we attended together.
    • They attended on the mayor at civic functions and ceremonial occasions, and sometimes played in the street at night.
    • ‘Oh, he's the smart one,’ she'd say with admiration at dinner parties and social functions.
    • He recorded his thanks and appreciation to the many organisations and individuals who invited him to attend their functions or events over the last 12 months.
    • Some consider that it is connected with ‘high society’ and formal social functions.
    • Apart from the blacksmith shop he also became the owner of a large assembly hall, which was used for meetings, parties and other community functions of a social nature.
    • Castlehill Catering has recently joined the Ballina Chamber of Commerce and specialises in Catering for private functions and social events.
    • They drive a Rolls-Royce, live at Vaucluse, attend exclusive social functions and have been lunch guests of Governor-General Mike Jeffery.
    • If your family has formal festive functions, this one's for you.
    • My husband is a university professor, and we get many invitations to dinner parties, formal gatherings, and other social functions.
    • In addition to subsistence benefits from direct consumption and trading, whale hunting and its associated components fulfilled important ceremonial and social functions for the Makah.
    • Ross, as club's co-founder and Chairman, manages the 40-strong warmwater branch, and the two sides come together for social events and other functions.
    • Besides, the members get together for occasional functions such as birthday parties and weddings.
    • It was traditionally worn by kings, queens and other great figures of state during ceremonial events and functions.
    • He finds himself at various functions, meetings, ceremonies and openings, at a plethora of venues such as hospitals, colleges, sports centres and theatres.
    • Mulchay notes that the outside area is popular with families during the summer and provides a comfortable environment for functions and social events.
    • Parties, functions, dinners and gatherings are most avoidable outings in his notebook.
    • This groundswell of patriotism has been nurtured and strengthened by political functions and religious ceremonies in remembrance of the September attacks.
    • The crops of spring onions, lettuce and Chinese cabbage were given free to guests at a formal function to celebrate the event on Friday.
  • 3

    función feminine
    profit is a function of sales las ganancias están en función de las ventas
    • Then of course the relevant integrals involve odd functions, and it results that the centroid lies on the y-axis.
    • Since most functions defined by simple algebraic expressions are differentiable, on a sufficiently fine scale the points will appear to fall on a straight line.
    • A chapter follows covering algorithms for computing key elementary functions on integers.
    • His work was in number theory, in particular the zeta function.
    • Solving the equations of the best response functions gives expressions for equilibrium outputs.
    • His work is almost exclusively on calculus, in particular differential equations and functions of a real variable.
    • There is only one way to represent any amount as the sum of pennies which is expressed as the generating function.
    • Jacobi presented a paper concerning iterated functions to the Berlin Academy of Sciences in 1825.
    • To calculate the selection coefficients, the fitness function must be expressed as a polynomial.
    • Spectral analysis decomposes a variable into underlying sine and cosine functions of particular wavelengths or cycles.
    • For example, the exponent b in the rate functions of the expressions in Eq. 5 was assigned a universal value.
    • However, the coefficients are expressed as functions of water potential thus allowing the model to be applied under all conditions of temperature and water potential.
    • He found expressions for the Bessel functions as integrals involving Legendre functions.
    • This work led him to the Dirichlet problem concerning harmonic functions with given boundary conditions.
    • A function which expresses the relation between the coefficient of permeability and the effective stress is presented.
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    función feminine
    • Method and apparatus for presenting new computer software functions to a user based upon actual usage
    • The package has an invitation function, calling available users to conference and giving them the option of accepting or not.
    • Maybe this is not exactly up to the point, but one of the Google search functions is called ‘I am feeling lucky!’
    • Selection of functions lets image-processing software branch out.
    • Medical billing software with quick searching functions enables offices to quickly and effectively manage multiple databases worth of information.
    • The Deskbar has the added advantage (for Google) that you end up using Google's search functions more than you even did previously.
    • Many pieces lay bare digital networks: various vertical and horizontal scrolling functions on the computer screen reveal the image structure.
    • You can actually add a button with an exit function to the user interface.
    • The capacity to spell and write grammatically correct sentences is abated by the availability of spell- and grammar-checking functions in word processing software.
    • Control and user interface functions, if needed for a particular application can also be functionally partitioned.
    • Each gesture performed on the touch pad corresponds to a control function.
    • An undo function permits users to undo the most recent configuration.
    • Take as an example a situation where you've created a keyboard hack for your arcade controls but still need to be able to operate your computer for non-gaming functions.
    • An icon is a graphic image that represents an available function on a computer's graphical user interface.
    • On the right section of the taskbar are icons for general computer functions like speaker volume, clock and printer status.
    • While you're able to see what each icon does, there is very little if any instructions about what these functions mean.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (machine/organ) funcionar
    the tribunal functions through two sub-committees el tribunal desempeña sus funciones a través de dos subcomisiones
  • 2

    (word) cumplir la función de algo
    to function as sth hacer (las veces) de algo