Translation of fund in Spanish:


fondo, n.

Pronunciation /fənd//fʌnd/


  • 1

    (money reserve)
    fondo masculine
    research/charitable fund fondo para la investigación/de beneficencia
    • to set up / start a fund crear un fondo
    • UK government funds are also available to help companies employ handicapped workers, as well as adjust workspaces.
    • Benefits for others who have not yet retired would then have to be reduced to match the shortfall in the level of funds available.
    • You may not touch the funds saved in a retirement annuity before you are 55 years old.
    • Yet if these earners are forced to save via the mandatory savings accounts, those funds are not available for a down-payment.
    • The startup expenses quickly ate away at the funds he had saved.
    • He also ensures that marketing support funds are available.
    • Some student unions make small funds available in grant form, so ring the resident welfare officer to apply.
    • Trustees were also given the duty to make sure there was enough money in the fund to pay pensions that have been promised.
    • Difficult decisions will have to be made about which few species can be saved with the limited funds available for conservation.
    • Right now, I do not see the funds available to save Social Security and Medicare, and we have to address that.
    • It was financed from funds specifically identified for teaching undergraduates and nurses.
    • The Canadian company has been budgeting for damages by setting aside money in an escrow fund.
    • But production companies which specialise in factual programming say the available pool of funds is shrinking.
    • Be sure that budget includes a fund for emergencies and savings for the short and long term.
    • Demand shifts when demographics change either in numbers of people or in the amount of funds available.
    • The fixed-rate term account runs for a maximum five years, but the customer can access funds saved at any time.
    • In tandem with a pension fund, we could have a wealth fund for every child born in the country.
    • It was our custom to put most of our spare money into a communal fund, since money was always so tight for us.
    • The objectors want the Treasury to set up a special fund for their money to be spent on non-military purposes.
    • Don't forget to check with your local authority to see if there are discretionary funds available to assist with the costs of any extra childcare help you may need.
  • 2

    (store, supply)
    caudal masculine
    cúmulo masculine
    an inexhaustible fund of patience/wisdom un caudal / cúmulo inagotable de paciencia/sabiduría
    • an endless fund of jokes un arsenal / una colección inagotable de chistes
    • So the writer has brought with him a ball, a glove, a bat and a fund of stories.
    • I will concede that at the time my views rested on no great fund of expertise.
    • He had little pride, though an exceptional fund of passionate integrity.
    • He had a fund of quiet humour and often threw oil on troubled waters by quaint comments or amusing anecdotes.
    • Me, I tend to agree with John Waters, always an eminently wise and sensible fund of good ideas and clear thinking.
    • I had an opportunity to chat with him once or twice, and was immediately impressed by his fund of knowledge.
    • It is the fund of good will that comes out of our culture that can turn things around.
    • They are certainly leaving their successor a fund of good will with which to work.
    • Nothing will dry up the fund of information on errors as quickly as the fear of retribution.
    • Once Bob would have been a veritable fund of info about goings-on around the club.
    • But clearly humour, and an appeal to the common fund of historical anecdotes, go a long way.
    • I have a fund of somewhat boring stories which I tell myself when sleep is slow to come.
    • Add a fund of goodwill from a city just pleased that its football club had survived and the future immediately became brighter.
    • She appears here as a more amiable figure, fond of a good gossip, and with an endless fund of stories.
    • How will the state create a genetic fund of good livestock breeds for agriculture?
    • This is the fund of unconscious images which fatally confuse the mental patient.
    • Bruce was a lively and fascinating speaker, with a huge fund of anecdotes and recondite facts.
    • You never talked to him for long without realising he had a great sense of humour with a fund of tales to tell.
    • The time always comes when one has to pay one's debt to the fund of sincere belief and has to dare to believe in what he sees.
  • 3funds plural

    (resources, money)
    fondos masculine
    government/public/party funds fondos gubernamentales/públicos/del partido
    • to raise funds recaudar / reunir fondos
    • I'm a bit low on funds ando mal de fondos
    • to be in funds tener fondos / dinero
    • A budding stage star who achieved her dream of getting into a prestigious drama school has organised an evening of musical entertainment to raise funds to help finance her course.
    • The Japanese government had initially held out against committing the funds for financial reasons, according to a diplomat, but eventually relented.
    • Mr Scheucher was last night trying to come up with an alternative financial model using public funds to get the stadium built, but as yet, no deal has been reached.
    • He was prosecuted for allegedly being a member of a banned organisation and raising funds to finance terrorism abroad.
    • In order to promote the growth of the group, properties were acquired with funds borrowed from financial institutions.
    • Speculation is rife that Akbar spent the funds to finance Habibie's political campaign for presidential re-election in 1999.
    • However, owing to financial crunch, funds would be raised with private partnership.
    • The subsidies include direct cash payments, debt payments, and funds for capital projects.
    • He appears never to have expected anything from the government in the way of subsidies, inducements, tax breaks or start-up funds.
    • They also secured lottery funding last year and will now have to raise further funds to finance the work.
    • The feasibility of any option depends heavily on Leeds because it is the owner of the building and because Otley just does not have the funds to finance a project of this size alone.
    • Most notably, any indication of how the Government plans to pay for all the new funds, projects and tax breaks it's proposing.
    • This happened on the GST, on the capital gains tax, on the subsidy to private health funds, and on asylum seekers.
    • Therefore, owing to the Commission being satisfied that the funds have been properly expended it was not necessary to consider any alleged links during this Inquiry.
    • Will the fall in the value of the US dollar proceed gradually or will there be a financial crisis sparked by a rapid exit of funds from American financial markets?
    • "The proposal is not meant to provide additional funds to finance government spending, " it said.
    • The nature of the tax system used to raise funds to finance the debt had altered considerably during the previous century.
    • But the countries that suffered the highest death tolls, like Indonesia and Sri Lanka, say they lack the funds to finance it.
    • Lady Liberty was reopened only after 36 million dollars was raised in private funds to pay for security improvements.
    • From now onwards the councils should strive to be up to date on payment of monthly salaries by raising funds from own vast resources.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (research/organization) financiar
    • The new practice, which was funded by a private finance initiative, opened in March.
    • She might be born in a new maternity hospital, funded by the private finance initiative.
    • The project will be funded from the sale of the current premises of Ashleigh in Windermere.
    • The Crossrail project will be funded by both the Government and the private sector.
    • By contrast, the citizen scientists would be funded by public money to do just that.
    • The project is funded by a four year grant from regeneration money provided by the government.
    • That was the case with the Olympic Games, a project mainly funded by private enterprise.
    • But why does he think the road system must remain a public good funded by the taxpayer?
    • It is hoped that the whole project will be funded by selling off the Queens Road site for housing.
    • This could be funded by an equity release plan to raise money on her home, which she would still own.
    • An overseas aid agency funded a water project to enable trainees to cultivate vegetables.
    • The project is entirely funded by donations from overseas and survives month by month.
    • Existing projects can be funded, but only for an extension or further development.
    • These bursaries are to be funded from a pool of ten percent of top-up fee charges.
    • The money also funded film workshops at secondary schools and colleges across the region.
    • The answer is simple since any job in the public services is funded by tax payers' money.
    • Money from the sale would have partially funded the purchase of Queen Anne School.
    • The exhibition is the result of a spring art project funded by the Borough Land's trust.
    • The project is funded by the EU and is in partnership with German and Swedish police.
    • The council hopes the refurbishment project would be funded mainly through grants.
  • 2

    (debt) consolidar