Translation of fund manager in Spanish:

fund manager

gestor de fondos, n.


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    gestor de fondos masculine
    gestora de fondos feminine
    administrador de fondos masculine
    administradora de fondos feminine
    • The fund manager reckons that these investment vehicles have a coherent overall asset allocation strategy.
    • Look for a good range of funds and a fund manager with a good reputation for sound investment performance.
    • You don't want to be getting too excited about an institution buying shares when the fund manager is actually making a small side bet!
    • For example, in order to put money into the stock market, most people invest via a fund manager.
    • It is up to the fund manager to decide where to invest the money but, at any time, you can see the value of your investment and get it out.
    • Anyone who has invested in a unit trust or a pension fund knows that his fund manager is not answerable in any meaningful sense.
    • The investment vehicles range in structure, and investments depend on the fund manager.
    • You invest your money, which the fund manager uses to buy and sell the investments of his or her choice.
    • However good your pension fund manager, his ability to outperform the indices is limited.
    • The financial intermediary receives a fee, the institution receives a fee and the wrap fund manager receives a fee.
    • In other words, they hand over their money to a fund manager, who then pools together contributions and decides which shares to buy and sell.
    • Is the fund manager taking too much investment risk on a day-to-day basis to come up with these returns?
    • Performance may slip as the fund manager attempts to find new investments with the new influx of cash.
    • Nevertheless, many investors are taken in by the legend of the star fund manager.
    • Legendary fund manager Peter Lynch once said some of his best investing ideas came from listening to his wife after her shopping trips!
    • But try telling that to a venture capitalist or a pension fund manager today.
    • You can be fairly sure that your fund manager is not going to make that money back in a year and you'll be lucky if he or she makes it back in less than five years.
    • These are similar to unit trusts, except that the fund manager invests in various short-term deposits rather than shares.
    • These funds are pooled and invested by a fund manager in a portfolio of general Australian equities.
    • This means less money is invested in markets or asset classes, which the fund manager believes will return more money.