Translation of fundamentally in Spanish:


fundamentalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌfəndəˈmɛn(t)əli//fʌndəˈmɛntəli/


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    (mistaken/different/unsuited) fundamentalmente
    the situation has changed fundamentally la situación ha cambiado fundamentalmente / radicalmente
    • the issue was fundamentally important to our future el tema era de fundamental importancia para nuestro futuro
    • The media scene is fundamentally different from what it was ten years ago.
    • I know that it is a fundamentally different philosophy to that espoused by Labour.
    • Policing research has altered fundamentally during its forty-year history.
    • Federal court, not fundamentally flawed military commissions, is where Hicks belongs.
    • Although many ideas in this work were taken over from Descartes, in one respect he fundamentally disagreed with him.
    • Genetic engineering has given us the power fundamentally to alter the biological bases of identity.
    • Do you think the $100 laptop is a good idea for developing countries or fundamentally flawed?
    • While I've praised the improvements that Assembly and Senate committees made last week, the bill is still fundamentally flawed in several ways.
    • Because of their fundamentally different shareholder base, sentiment is not reflected so quickly.
    • In doing so it is not the Government's intention to alter fundamentally the scope or operation of the law.
    • Although both versions share similarities, they are fundamentally different.
    • You are right about how the changing technology fundamentally alters the way we approach media and content.
    • This shift has fundamentally altered both the form and the place of the house in the country house mystery.
    • The two shows were created in fundamentally different circumstances.
    • We assume everyone is fundamentally alike; we believe circumstances, not culture, drive people's decisions, including decisions about sex and disease.
    • The indirectly standardised indices currently used are fundamentally flawed in this respect.
    • We tweaked and changed it in rehearsal but we didn't alter it fundamentally.
    • It was very quite last season and there is nothing to suggest it will be fundamentally different this year.
    • Such a model of theological discourse is fundamentally pluralistic.
    • Policy making and managing organisations are generally viewed as fundamentally different.
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    (in essence)
    (correct/justified/accurate) esencialmente
    (correct/justified/accurate) básicamente