Translation of funeral parlour in Spanish:

funeral parlour



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    • The funeral home and mortuary had been in our family for decades.
    • You go up to the family of the deceased and kiss their cheeks and say you're sorry and they smile at you like it's so damn good to see you, even if this is a funeral parlor and your mother's very dead body is on display in the front of the room.
    • The wrong woman's body was cremated after an identification mix-up by a funeral parlour.
    • Geoff, who has two horses and four cats, will run Avalon Pet Funeral Service from his home, but hopes to establish a funeral home for pets in the near future.
    • The families of the victims were lining up at a funeral parlour in Hazyview yesterday afternoon to identify the dead.
    • The paper said his body was put in a coffin and taken to a funeral home where it was to be refrigerated before being cremated.
    • ‘Police are still busy conducting a head count at the hospital and the funeral parlour to establish exactly how many passengers were on board,’ he said.
    • This time, the complaint is not about its previous incarnation as a showroom for a funeral parlour, but the logistics of having a health centre near the busiest part of Lady Young Road.
    • Coupled with these images were Derricotte's surreal reminiscences of childhood visits to her paternal grandparents' home, the bottom part of which served as a funeral parlor where bodies were prepared for viewing.
    • Looking at your dead child lying in a funeral parlour, it's like looking at the ultimate parental failure.
    • According to the report, the cremation time at the funeral parlor fluctuated between 42 and 90 minutes.
    • After the cremation, the funeral parlor would be disinfected, the bureau said.
    • A service was held at a funeral home in Fairfield followed by burial at St Thomas Aquinas Church in the town.
    • On the most basic level, information was gathered at the funeral home from the family of the dead person.
    • Happy to slip into their anecdotage, they affectionately remember the stresses and strains of life on the factory floor, touring, recording and funding a funeral parlour that become their safe haven when it all became too much to bear.
    • A bureau spokeswoman said no-one from the funeral home had been arrested.
    • The mourners returned to the funeral home to wait for Francisco's cremation.
    • In addition to finding a funeral home or cemetery, the necessary burial accessories need to be purchased.
    • Even now we send our loved ones' dead bodies to the funeral parlor to make them look beautiful.
    • Somewhere in transport from the hospital morgue to the funeral home, the body of his wife Sandy had been lost.