Translation of fungal in Spanish:


de hongos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfʌŋɡ(ə)l//ˈfəŋɡəl/


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    de hongos
    Medicine micótico
    • Beetle grazing can induce resistance against fungal infections in Rumex obtusifolius.
    • Also, lime addition, by increasing pH, has been shown to stimulate mycorrhizal fungal abundance.
    • By contrast, the fungal cells of the sheath and the Hartig net were less susceptible to freezing artefacts.
    • Some authors suggest that the plant defence response plays a role in its control over the development of the fungal symbionts.
    • It is clear that the subtleties of plant and fungal sphingolipid desaturation are only starting to be unravelled.
    • Apple scab is a fungal disease that causes black splotches on leaves and fruit.
    • This is rarer and is usually caused by weeds such as nettles and docks, late flowering plants and fungal spores.
    • This reduction in total germination percentage was accompanied by a higher rate of fungal growth in primed seeds.
    • One to two days after fungal mycelia reached the plant stem, all leaves were collected for RNA extractions.
    • Uvitex 2B stain is an optical brightener that specifically binds to the chitin of fungal cell walls.
    • If plum trees are pruned at the wrong time of year, they are often attacked by silver leaf, a serious fungal disease.
    • Samples of plants in the field were found to be suffering from another fungal disease, Rhizoctonia.
    • It should have been under cover from the end of November, but hopefully the leaf curl fungal spores aren't active yet.
    • Check stored bulbs and corms for fungal diseases and damage by rodents.
    • Starch disappeared prior to actual fungal penetration of the tubercles.
    • There are reports of exposure to fungal elicitors leading to extracellular alkalization in plant cell cultures.
    • The species of fungus and number of fungal species isolated seemed to affect the risk of death.
    • This spray will also help control other fungal diseases such as shot hole and brown rot.
    • Rice blast is a fungal disease which is currently the leading cause of rice loss.
    • Check stored bulbs and corms for frost damage, fungal disease and attacks by rodents.