Translation of funny in Spanish:


gracioso, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈfʌni//ˈfəni/


  • 1

    (joke) gracioso
    (joke) cómico
    (person) divertido
    (person) gracioso
    it was so funny! ¡fue tan divertido / gracioso!
    • funny antics monerías
    • funny faces morisquetas
    • don't get funny with me! ¡conmigo no te hagas el gracioso!
    • it's not funny, you know! ¡te advierto que no me hace ninguna gracia!
  • 2

    • 2.1(strange)

      the funny thing is that … lo extraño / curioso del caso es que …
      • (it's) funny (that) you should mention it es curioso que lo menciones
      • that's funny! I could have sworn … ¡qué raro! hubiera jurado que …
      • to taste/smell funny saber/oler raro
      • there's something funny about all this hay algo raro en todo esto
      • there's some funny business going on here aquí hay gato encerrado
      • It's a funny thing about living in New York City - all these windows facing windows, lives facing lives.
      • Family movies are a funny thing - and when I say family movies, I mean movies about families, not movies for families.
      • Of course, the funny thing about this is that I remember chasing after my own car.
      • People now know me far more for this website than for my magazine journalism - which is a funny thing on many levels, but I guess okay.
      • I'm always saying to my sister, ‘Come and look at this funny thing I found on the internet.’
      • The funny thing, is I'm not really angry at the guy either.
      • Power is a funny thing, and it's dangerous to confuse it with other things, like celebrity.
      • Another funny thing I noticed was his phobia to cross roads.
      • Status is a funny thing, especially considering that today's must-have trappings are likely to seem ridiculous to future generations.
      • Journalism's a funny thing: we don't have to pass any tests to work as reporters, and we can't be disbarred.
      • In some ways, she was better, by temperament, she was better poised to be a royal than the queen, which is a funny thing when you kind of think about it.
      • The funny thing about emotion, though, is that you can't send it away.
      • And the funny thing we got married and that's also the day of her birthday.
      • Even though I'd eaten a few hours ago, appetite in the Andes is a funny thing and a little goes a long way, so my breakfast of potatoes was still weighing heavily on my stomach.
      • So it's a funny thing that the U.S. government is officially antitrust.
      • It's kind of hard to tell though, and the funny thing about exams is, the moment you come out of the room you just don't care about them any more.
      • It's a funny old world, as Margaret Thatcher once said.
      • It would seem to me that it is a funny old world.
      • ‘It's a funny thing, this business,’ he explains with a self-conscious grin.
      • A funny thing to hear from a conservative, they might conclude.

    • 2.2(deceitful)

      don't try anything funny! nada de trucos ¿eh?
      • he's up to something funny algo se está tramando
      • Suspicion crept into my mind and I had a funny feeling that she knew I didn't go to the movies.

  • 3

    • 3.1(unwell)

      I felt a bit funny on the journey me sentí malón durante el viaje Chile informal
      • the smell of paint made his stomach go funny el olor a pintura le revolvió el estómago

    • 3.2(slightly mad)

      tocado informal
      rayado South America informal
      he's a bit funny in the head está medio tocado (del ala) informal
      • It seems that corporations would want good problem-solvers, even if they were eccentric and dressed funny.
      • I feel like my life is surrounded by people who are totally deranged and totally funny.



  • 1US

    (comic strips)
    (feminine plural) tiras cómicas
    sección de historietas feminine
    sección de monitos feminine Chile Colombia informal
  • 2

    chiste masculine


  • 1informal

    raro informal
    he talks funny habla raro informal
    • The previous week was a bit better: humorous but not actually funny.
    • His witty introductions, funny stories and anecdotes kept the crowds smiling throughout.
    • The jokes are not as funny; the stories not as entertaining; the scripts a bit stale.
    • His wacky personality seems anything but morbid in the film, where he mugs for the camera and tells funny stories about his life.
    • He writes stories which are funny almost by accident.
    • Her unapologetic and absolutely funny stories almost made me want to run out to a bar and drag someone home with me.
    • But many of the stories are also hilariously funny, deeply celebratory, or just plain quirky.
    • He had an amazing talent of exaggerating events that wouldn't even seem funny, into hilarious stories.
    • He was caring and he could keep you entertained with his funny stories and wonderful sense of fun.
    • Sam begins to tell a hilariously funny story about taking the test we just got back, and David adds in a few biting comments of his own.
    • No funny stories, no amusing anecdotes just a proud Dad sending his baby off into the big wide world of further education.
    • She could also be light-hearted and uproariously funny.
    • Some hospitals now have special rooms, where patients can go to read humorous books and watch funny videos.
    • In my endless pursuit of funny stories about Eskimo words for snow, I've found friends who will send me absurd comics about it, too.
    • About that funny story, we were in Las Vegas and were gambling.
    • The film is positive in its portrayal of Down's syndrome, and Roberta is superbly acted as a funny, humorous, and lovable character.
    • Michael, your note makes me think of the everyday action of telling friends stories - especially funny ones.
    • On that note, she says her course will give students a ‘toolbox’ of skills for transforming a funny story into a routine that works.
    • We have people that laugh, and so they call and tell us their funny, humorous stories.
    • As well as giving a detailed portfolio of all the contestants Liam also kept everyone in high spirits with his funny stories and famous race and match commentaries.