Translation of funny money in Spanish:

funny money



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    dinero que no vale nada masculine
    • Who's responsible for paying back the billions and billions of funny money that the Government is spending, and the interest accrued on that funny money?
    • As soon as he gets aboard his boat he's going to sit down, pour himself a drink of my good brandy and, to make sure I didn't do him like he would have done me, he'll take out my funny money to count it.
    • Shopowner and self-confessed loony Roly Gillard has resorted to handing out funny money to boost trade.
    • The cartel wants economic growth, lots of borrowers, and lots of opportunities to lend newly created funny money at interest.
    • But they are funny money whose value fluctuates dramatically in response to changes in the stock price.
    • And now you can bet on the success of various blogs, albeit with funny money.
    • And funny money, some of this stuff could get you thrown out of a store, but it won't bother you at all here.
    • But when you see the prices being bandied around now, it is funny money.
    • Each punter was given funny money with which to bet on the five event local card and the real Melbourne Cup down south.
    • We regarded it as funny money to be blown as quickly as possible.
    • But my funny money was even less likely to help me acquire anything here.
    • How do you find a sexy project that'll cost at least 10 billion bucks in funny money the taxpayer will never see?
    • He lives in Edinburgh, apparently the home of funny money.
    • European travellers are welcome in Manchester - as long as they leave their funny money at home.
    • There have been too many players who have been charged with sexual misbehavior, too many charged with some funny money scandal, too many making headlines because they just can't get along.
    • Before long Steven and Russell are being pursued by several secret agents with high-tech gear who are desperate to get their hands on the funny money in Steven's possession.
    • Unfortunately, the underworld still appealed to me, I ran hookers, drug cartels, dry-cleaners and printed funny money.
    • Robert Rubin, on the other hand, believed it probably wasn't such a great idea for the world's largest debtor to threaten to repay its creditors with funny money.
    • A veteran of a long string of dead-end jobs, Jake graduates from bedsit land when his gangster grandfather dies leaving him a case of funny money.
    • Government agents say that most funny money falls into three categories.