Translation of fur in Spanish:


pelo, n.

Pronunciation: /fəː//fər/


  • 1

    (of animal)
    Zoology pelo masculine
    Zoology pelaje masculine
    Clothing piel feminine
    fur-lined leather gloves guantes de cuero forrados de piel
    • fake / fun fur piel sintética
  • 2

    piel feminine
  • 3

    prenda de piel feminine
    prenda de pieles feminine Spain
  • 4

    (on tongue)
    saburra feminine
    I woke up with fur on my tongue me desperté con la lengua sucia / pastosa
  • 5British

    sarro masculine

transitive verb

  • 1British

    hard water can fur the pipes el agua dura hace que se forme sarro en las tuberías
    • ‘Just thinking of something,’ she sighed and ran her fingers over her cat's soft fur.
    • Her hair was like a rabbits' fur, soft and delicate, though at the same time it was thick.
    • People in towns and cities tend to wear modern clothes made of manufactured cloth, perhaps with fur coats and hats in winter.
    • The mice actually have yellow fur rather than red hair.
    • In some coats the sheepskin is treated to look like fine fur, which makes bold statements in men's bomber and full-length styles.
    • Even a pair of jeans looks formal when you wear fur vests.
    • Snow lightly fell on the ground as people bustled back and forth in their large fur coats and hats.
    • Large covered hooks and eyes are commonly used for fur garment closures.
    • Most significantly, the animal's fur and soft tissue are also fossilized.
    • Evidently, fur is the hot thing for men to be wearing - fur coats, fur vests, fur sombreros.
    • The activists targeted Hartley's fashion store because of a small number of garments featuring rabbit fur collars.
    • Underneath there, it's very, very soft fur underneath the porcupine.
    • Arian was already ready for school and had carefully brushed Royal's soft coat of short black and brown fur.
    • In winter, Moscow is a cold, bleak place that gives rise to the almost national costume of fur coat and hat and sturdy boots.
    • Winter clothes were laden with fur trimming of the brightest colours.
    • Leather and/or fur hats can look great on older men who want to keep warm while maintaining their refined, polished look.
    • Chiffon tunics and ruched leggings combined with fur cowls and bronze high heels for a modern-rustic effect.
    • Noteworthy numbers were the knitted fur cardigans and the silver foil fur-lined jackets.
    • She is all bundled up in her fur coat, hat, gloves and scarf.
    • Mom came home wearing her 3/4 length royal blue sheared beaver faux fur coat and her high heel black boots.
    • The females in particular were sought after for their fine, soft fur.
    • He was an orange tabby cat, with sleek fur, pointy ears, and a pink nose.
    • They have short fur on the front of the ears and long hairs on the back to increase their hearing capabilities.
    • Traditionally, North America, Western Europe, the Nordic countries and Russia have been the major markets for fur garments.
    • The long, soft, fine fur that covers their bodies is generally gray to brown in color.
    • The ill-dressed children wore thin uniforms and light coats, without the felt boots and fur hats that the Russians wore.
    • Lauren groomed Samoa's soft fur gently, and the cat purred loudly.
    • And I'd look really stupid in that purple fedora and fur coat, by the way.
    • The principal headdress for men is a high, stiff felt hat or fur cap with earflaps, the latter of which is worn during the winter months.
    • Models sashayed the catwalk in their jeans, textural cable knit sweaters and big fur bags.
    • Even when fur has no commercial value, trappers are sent to work, in some cases at taxpayer expense.
    • I was half covered in soft fur of an animal of some kind.
    • He was also wearing a coat with fur trim on the hood and a beret which had a badge on the front.
    • Month-old ringtails look like miniature adults: the same black and white clown make-up and soft grey fur.
    • While it lacks the glamour factor of soft sensuous fur, a shearling's ability to keep out the cold is indisputable.
    • Its fur was soft and fine as she gave it a gentle pat on the head.
    • They were fairly small with short, jet black fur, acid-green eyes and pointy little ears.
    • I could live without the fine veneer of cat fur on my clothes too.
    • Camel hair is from the extremely soft and fine fur from the undercoat of the camel.
    • Shoes are low stilettos and mink fur neck wraps feature unnecessarily.
    • Harriet led her to a pile of soft cloths on the ground, a velvety mound of skins and furs heaped haphazardly in a corner.
    • During the summers, some families live in tents made from furs or skins.
    • There wasn't a blank spot anywhere, beautiful carpets covered most of the floor and there were paintings and animal furs on the walls.
    • They were comfortable in the warm southern sunshine, but felt strange to one who had worn nothing but animal skins and furs all his life.
    • Only a few generations ago many of them survived entirely off the land, following the caribou from fall to springtime and usually reuniting in the summers to collect their Treaty money and sell their furs.
    • While it is widely acceptable to object to eating flesh, wearing skins and furs, and sport-hunting of non-human animals, the objection to vivisection is relatively muted in comparison.
    • By comparison, Canada harvests the furs of about 1 million wild animals each year, from a land mass three times as large.
    • That's why, for much of history, furs and skins from the more aggressive carnivores have been an essential part of the ceremonial dress of kings, emperors and dictators.
    • The animals used for this trade are raised under deplorable conditions and killed solely for their skins and furs.
    • Parties of Creeks regularly journeyed from Georgia and Alabama to exchange skins and furs at Pensacola; many Creek women had married traders.
    • My mother did beadwork, tanned all the skins, sewed furs, made soap, smoked meat.
    • Each faction was allocated specific furs and skins to distinguish them from their enemies
    • There were stalls and stalls of furs and animal hide.
    • He wore white robes and around his feet and shins were bound grey and white animal hides and furs.
    • In North America Europeans conducted a huge trade in furs and skins through native peoples and enlisted them as allies in their wars.
    • He trapped foxes for extra money and sold their furs all around.
    • Spanish lieutenant governors, palms well greased, usually winked at contraband trade, and furs, skins, and trade goods would flow across borders with relative ease.
    • The BBC reported in July that there is a flourishing trade in the furs of endangered animals in Afghanistan.
    • He has heard rumors of gold, and he has come with furs and leather to trade.
    • Longclaw uses one as an extension for his mast, and adds skins and furs to his sail as the temperature permits.
    • The designer even managed to transfer a brocade lattice motif over the curvaceous sheepskin jacket coupled with fluttering silk skirt, and dyed all his furs in flashy tones of blue, pink and purple.
    • His tour operator has asked anyone wearing a fur to report to the police station as it has probably been stolen.
    • Even the furs, feathers and jewellery received the first-class treatment.
    • Walk in, and you'll find everything from funky furs to elegant dress coats.
    • Standing, she shed the furs and pulled her cloak tightly around herself.
    • He used vivid shocking pink dyed furs atop huge enveloping coats.
    • It is the luxury of wearing a beautiful fur that was bought by someone else's grandmother long before it was a sin to kill animals for fashion.
    • He intended to store winter garments and furs for people for a fee.
    • He depicts emerging class divisions - the wealthy in top hat and furs, along with the newcomers ignored by the black middle class.
    • Now with both earrings in place and wearing a long fur, Mrs. Treacher was saying goodnight to her daughter and telling her son to be good.
    • He towers over the other actors, looking outrageous in a floor-length fur or terrifying in his camouflage pants and bomber jacket.
    • I was not in love with his use of furs in this collection.
    • Now, you know as well as I do, that you rarely see anyone under fifty-ish or even with vaguely liberal views wearing a fur nowadays.
    • A tall, striking man given to wearing capes, furs and abundant jewellery, he delighted in toying with his own identity, playing up contradictions - was he British or American?
    • These women were traveling, they had relationships, they had jewels, they had furs.
    • They didn't stay out on deck for very long; despite their heavy furs and layers of garments, the two women were soon chilled to the bone and juddering.
    • She was dressed in a luxurious fur, and her nose and cheeks were pink with the cold.
    • The man across the table wearing a fur and had very long nails on his pinkies.
    • She is a vision of sweeping strides and soft steps swathed in airy veils and supple furs.
    • While we're going about our daily lives in down parkas, furs and boots, the designers are busy creating and proudly presenting what we can expect in spring and summer.
    • When the functions of an internal organ are disrupted, the symptoms can be discerned in the complexion, eyes, color, voice and texture of the tongue fur.
    • Just had a bit of breakfast and I'm now trying to get the fur off my tongue while writing this.
    • It, together with calcium carbonate, or the chalk of limestone deposits, is what makes water ‘hard’ and furs up the kettle.