Translation of furious in Spanish:


furioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfjʊərɪəs//ˈfjʊriəs/


  • 1

    he was furious with me estaba furioso conmigo
    • he has a furious temper tiene muy mal genio
    • she'll be furious if we're late se va a poner furiosa / se va a enfurecer si llegamos tarde
    • The conductors are furious at huge rises given to train drivers in a bid to solve a crippling shortage.
    • We were about to ask for a table for dinner, but furious at being treated so rudely we just walked out.
    • Another tale has it that several co-workers are furious at my caricaturing them on one post.
    • They are furious at school rules that forbid kissing, hugging, and holding hands.
    • Trinity councillor Tony Lambert has been to inspect the hole and is furious at the lack of action.
    • A smoke bomb attack has left traders furious at the rising level of Witham youth crime.
    • The mother is furious at the police. Does she take no responsibility in this matter at all?
    • Rifkind is furious at public suggestions that he is preparing to go in with Clarke, but the ground has been laid.
    • If anything, the public is furious at Blunkett for not being heavy enough.
    • The fans were furious at such a suggestion and several said they would rip up their membership cards if it were to happen.
    • The party membership will be furious at being diverted from the real enemy, which is Labour.
    • The departments are furious at the misuse being made of their facilities.
    • They are furious at the limited options offered by Wandsworth Council for the Woking Close site.
    • I have known from day one about there being no seatbelts and I am furious at the British Forces.
    • If so, no wonder David Blunkett is reported to be furious at the publication of Archer's book.
    • Aston Villa manager Graham Taylor was furious at the way his team had fallen off the pace in the second half.
    • A new home owner furious at faults with the construction has put up a warning notice to other potential buyers.
    • Linda Bennet is not the only one to be furious at the continuing loss of trees in Bexley and particularly Welling.
    • Critics of fish farming are furious at what they consider to be an attempt to hoodwink the public.
    • Insiders at the town hall say the council is furious at the move, which will wreck hopes of a massive jobs boom.
  • 2

    (violent, intense)
    (struggle) feroz
    (speed) vertiginoso
    (storm) violento
    (activity) febril
    (activity) frenético
    • A furious Victor stormed back out of the Diary Room to square up to her and had to be restrained by Stuart.
    • As in gladiatorial chariot races, the pace is furious and the tricks dirty.
    • I needed to pace for a few minutes in order to get rid of some of the furious energy.
    • One time I was forced to get into a furious argument to stop my cover being blown.
    • Nikki was spotted having a furious argument with Danny outside the set of the show.
    • Are there really two distinct things operating in Medea, her plans and her furious anger?
    • He accelerates the images until they reach a furious speed resulting in a new kind of film space.
    • When Paddy found out he was furious and stormed back into the office for an explanation.