Translation of further in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfərðər//ˈfəːðə/


  • 1

    comparative of far
    • 1.1(in distance)

      they live even further away ellos viven aún más lejos
      • how much further is it? ¿cuánto camino nos queda por hacer?
      • we went a little further and came to a bridge avanzamos un poco más / seguimos adelante y llegamos a un puente
      • we're getting further away from the city all the time nos estamos alejando cada vez más de la ciudad
      • let's sit a little further back sentémonos un poco más atrás
      • the last service station was nine miles further back la última gasolinera estaba nueve millas atrás
      • you'll need to push it further in tendrás que meterlo más adentro
      • further on, there's another set of traffic lights más adelante, hay otro semáforo
      • could you please move further down the bus? ¿podrían hacer el favor de correrse hacia el fondo del autobús?
      • try and see further than your own interest trata de ver más allá de tu propio interés

    • 1.2(in progress)

      the legislation should have gone further la legislación debería haber ido más lejos
      • we're further from an agreement than when we started estamos más lejos de llegar a un acuerdo que cuando empezamos
      • we're no further ahead than we were last week no hemos avanzado nada desde la semana pasada
      • have you got any further with that essay? ¿has adelantado ese trabajo?
      • we can't go any further until we receive their reply no podemos hacer nada más hasta que recibamos su respuesta

    • 1.3(in time)

      we must look back even further tenemos que retroceder aún más en el tiempo
      • this vase dates back even further este jarrón es aún más antiguo / data de una época aún anterior

    • 1.4(in extent, degree)

      I'll look further into that possibility voy a estudiar esa posibilidad más a fondo
      • please consider the matter further por favor estudie el asunto más detenidamente
      • the situation is further complicated by her absence el hecho de que ella no esté complica aún más la situación

  • 2further to in letters (as preposition)

    further to your letter of June 6, … con relación a / en relación con su carta del 6 de junio, …
  • 3



  • 1

    have you any further questions? ¿tienen más preguntas / alguna otra pregunta?
    • I have no further use for the car ya no necesito (más) el coche
    • please send me further details le ruego (que) me envíe más información
    • I have nothing further to say no tengo nada que agregar
    • on further acquaintance, I began to like them al conocerlos un poco más, empezaron a gustarme
    • there'll be a further meeting next week habrá una nueva reunión / otra reunión la semana que viene
    • they wasted a further three weeks perdieron otras tres semanas

transitive verb

  • 1

    (aims/cause) promover
    (cause/aims) fomentar
    (interests/career) favorecer
    • We should integrate literacy into play only if it furthers a play theme in progress, and we should avoid literacy props that may distract children from make-believe.
    • All going to plan, this will expose each band to new ears, furthering their own audience development.
    • More importantly he's furthering his art-form by developing full hour shows.
    • He furthered my quest to slowly and deliberately develop my musical and even my personal identity.
    • Non-Americans, however, misunderstand the true source of our ignorance about them, which only furthers our mutual estrangement.
    • The courts will most likely defer to the military on the issue of whether this policy furthers a compelling government interest.
    • What does it matter so long as he furthers the agenda?
    • He would do well to distinguish between violence which furthers the cause of human freedom, and this repellent violence which kills thousands of workers in the name of fundamentalism.
    • Part II, also comprising two chapters, furthers this assessment in terms of recent developments in modern social theory.
    • The Texas statute furthers no legitimate state interest which can justify its intrusion into the personal and private life of the individual.
    • Yet both groups claim to be furthering the interests of the child in promoting their preferred form of custody.
    • Both boxers enjoyed the trip and are looking forward to furthering their horizons later in the season.
    • He saw it as the next step in the future of the town and a natural step forward in furthering the aims and objectives of the Development Association.
    • Western militarization furthers this objectification of women as gratification available for cheap purchase.
    • It requires the youngsters to be away from home for a fortnight and furthers their academic education or gives them a chance to get a taster of subjects like archaeology not taught in school.
    • The opulent color of many of the works furthers their impact and feels like a recent development, even though his palette has been steadily intensifying over the last few years.
    • But the effect of predestination may be furthered by their prayers, and by other good works also.
    • It just furthers the urban trend of economic apartheid.
    • But to imply that this is some kind of permanent or natural state for gay men just furthers the stereotypes and misinformation about us.
    • Ignoring the existence of these students and their educational needs only furthers the ignorance that this take on sex education fosters.