Translation of further education in Spanish:

further education



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    programa de cursos de extensión cultural para adultos
    • Yet entering the workplace doesn't close the door on further education.
    • The fund aims to help string players through further education to become teachers or performers.
    • It includes measure-making powers for the Welsh Assembly, mainly in relation to further education.
    • Partner people considering further education with those currently studying.
    • Both Mary and Catherine were interested in education and even further education for girls.
    • The AoC believes further education has been overlooked historically with more focus on schools and universities.
    • My point is really that girls will go on to further education if they are good enough, whereas many boys will do regardless.
    • There are thousands who have no access to further education or specialist journals.
    • This had been applied to schools and colleges of further education.
    • In further education and sixth form colleges lecturers and teachers can help students organise meetings.
    • Lone parents tend to be more poorly educated and trained and there are severe barriers for further education and training.
    • Events relating to further education are searchable by region.
    • The college offers a variety of part time or full time courses from further education to postgraduate level.
    • The provision of a third-level centre locally makes further education much more accessible.
    • Under this law, prisoners will be entitled to access further education.
    • Colleges of further education have expertise in teaching basic skills and literacy and numeracy.
    • A Levels are the traditional route to higher and further education.
    • The expansion of the college was certainly needed to meet the ever-growing demands for further education.
    • Almost half, 49 percent, have third level qualifications - further education or above.
    • Despite the evidence of educational difficulties, many had continued into further education.

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    • En Gran Bretaña, el término further education se utiliza normalmente para referirse a cualquier tipo de enseñanza dirigida a personas que tengan más de 16 años, edad mínima en que se puede dejar la escolaridad obligatoria, y que no estén en la universidad, en cuyo caso se habla de higher education. Sin embargo, en los Estados Unidos, el término further education también se utiliza para referirse a la educación universitaria.