Translation of fuselage in Spanish:


fuselaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfjuːzəlɑːʒ//ˈfjusəˌlɑʒ//ˈfjuːzəlɪdʒ//ˈfjuzəˌlɑʒ/


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    fuselaje masculine
    • I take my seat along the side of the fuselage and strap in - already the aircraft is moving back to the runway.
    • Axles and bracing struts were hinged to the bottom longerons of the fuselage.
    • The remaining two forward fuselages are being worked to the same status as the first two.
    • Shorts makes nacelle systems, fuselages, flight controls and air defence systems for Bombardier.
    • A master at marketing, Todorov designed the clubhouse around the fuselage of an old aircraft.
    • The aircraft were originally delivered with yellow flying surfaces and olive drab fuselages but the fuselage color was later changed to a medium blue.
    • It is thought the seat of the fire was in the landing gear under the aircraft's main fuselage.
    • Check for wrinkles in the fuselage skin where the main gear leg goes into the fuselage.
    • A single point for pressure refueling is installed on the starboard side of the fuselage.
    • As part of the Red Army, we had large red crosses painted in washable water color on the fuselages and wings of our aircraft.
    • The mission pod is mounted on the underside of the fuselage on stabilising pod roll arms.
    • Lackland even had special areas set aside to teach dogs to find scents in parked cars, luggage and aircraft fuselages, complete with seats.
    • With the war going on, some consideration was given to replacing certain aluminum components with molded wood and this was done on some aircraft which had fuselage side panels and monocoque rear fuselages built of the material.
    • Dressmakers were now making aircraft fuselages, domestic servants were filling shells… and teachers were working in armament manufacture.
    • The fairings on all other aircraft extended much farther back along the fuselage.
    • An astrodome was located in the top of the fuselage forward of the aft partition of the crew quarters.
    • As my speed carried me over him his prop sliced through my undercarriage, slashing the fuselage.
    • ‘We hope there are enough remaining parts from the three recovered fuselages to produce another aircraft,’ said Bill.
    • Each component presented very different challenges but concurrent work started on fuselages, wings, and cockpit tubs.
    • Also, the lower rudder attachment bracket has been made and fitted to the aft fuselage.