Translation of fussbudget in Spanish:


rezongón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʌsbʌdʒət//ˈfəsˌbədʒət/



  • 1

    rezongón masculine
    rezongona feminine
    • Croce struck him as a fussbudget and intruded into what Coskey considered his domain.
    • The fussbudget character C3PO, from the Star Wars movies, is a perfect example.
    • Can you imagine that dainty, fussbudget of a milquetoast Astaire as a sailor?
    • Dickie Bird could be a most irritating fussbudget.
    • Incredible as it may sound, even a notorious fussbudget like myself couldn't stay mad at the island.
    • He is like a fussbudget.
  • 2

    maniático masculine
    maniática feminine
    mañoso masculine Latin America
    mañsa feminine Latin America
    don't be such a fussbudget no te preocupes tanto por todo