Translation of fusspot in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfəsˌpɑt//ˈfʌspɒt/



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    • ‘Of course I'll be alright, fusspot,’ she said teasingly.
    • The power to discriminate makes Virgo the sign of the food fusspot, the nutritionist and the restaurant critic.
    • Josh is no fusspot about what Val wears as long as she's there, but Val just likes to look nice for the sake of looking nice.
    • It is not beyond the realms that within a generation or two punctuation (not to mention spelling) will be regarded as the old-fashioned preserve of fusspots who have no idea how to communicate clearly.
    • Dictators are often fusspots about food, and Mussolini, like Hitler, was one.
    • It is no place for people who can't handle the occasional snoot full of dust or worse, or for fusspots who must work and stay clean at the same time.
    • The main difference is that you brood while he bumbles, but that's a footnote for fusspots.
    • As the chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board, he is in a sense a professional fusspot, paid to be wary.
    • Well, we have words for people like that: nitpickers, fusspots, pettifoggers.
    • As a game it can be a hoot, but there are occasions when it becomes no laughing matter, usually when some fusspot with a bad dress sense decides to invoke a screamingly ridiculous rule instead of concentrating on his short game.
    • The old fusspot doesn't want a single spot in front of the pub.
    • I'm also working on a magnum opus, attacking poetry at every level of the class structure from the ghetto to poetry slams on up to the Library of Congress fusspots.
    • Big and burly bouncers guard the entrance and are fusspots (a rarity in Valencia), so make sure you are dressed to kill.
    • However, she is played as such a little fusspot and gossip that she injects the women's scenes with a lot of humour.
    • Then again, since it is the function and duty of a magazine to report newsworthy happenings as fully as possible, they cannot hold back some information because some fusspots might think that it is not in the public interest.
    • Mine is a fusspot round the house and is obsessed with things being ironed correctly!
    • She complains that Toby is a fusspot and that no one seems to trust her.
    • They used to be called fitters, and conjured up images of fusspots, who toiled away in dark workshops designing and constructing oil-covered dirty machines for industry.
    • The fusspot in me appreciates the fusspot in him.
    • This works amazingly for vegans, lactose intolerants, and sundry fusspots.