Translation of future-proof in Spanish:


con garantía de futuro, adj.

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    con garantía de futuro
    • These pin-sharp pictures should be coming to your living room next year, so this machine is thoroughly future-proof.
    • Its shock-proof, future-proof, and idiot-proof.
    • And for any PC user who's interested in a PC that's relatively future-proof, the T6212 is worth considering.
    • Gamers who buy a graphics card for $649 probably have every reason to believe that it is not only future-proof, but also produces the best image quality possible and that best image quality comes at a decent framerate.
    • ‘Rather than being contracted to create an adequate response to today's situation, we've been asked to create designs that aspire to being future-proof,’ he says.
    • A truly scalable HBA platform needs to offer a future-proof design that supports not just higher-speed FC performance but higher throughput server connectivity as well.
    • Existing equipment doesn't become obsolete; only the interface cards are upgraded, perfect for a provider wanting a scalable, future-proof network.
    • On the other hand, the greenfield approach allows you to build a network that should be pretty future-proof in terms of capabilities when we come out of the gate.
    • The old address still works and points to the same pages, but you are encouraged to use the new address (and update your bookmarks and links), as it is more future-proof.
    • The view of keeping both schools the same is a short-sighted one, when there is the potential to create a future-proof school fit for the 21st century, with the investment in technology to match.
    • My opinion is we need a unified statewide product that is as future-proof as possible.
    • This bill is designed, as far as is possible, to be future-proof in terms of the changes in veterinary training that are expected in coming years, some of which are already taking place.
    • This is a future-proof piece of technology and it looks like it.
    • But if the country builds a future-proof network, we will be recognised globally as a key area for communications, and this will benefit the entire population.
    • The fact is, it makes sense to be as creative as possible now, because no baby name is future-proof.
    • The ultimate goal of the joint effort is to provide a future-proof server platform that protects enterprises investments on IT infrastructure today and in the future.
    • Some CNS systems are designed to be future-proof by using commodity-based server technology for their controller nodes.
    • By picking a system with a multi-layered filter approach as well as one that adapts readily to new spam and virus trends, customers can turn back the tide on spam and increase their chances of purchasing a future-proof system.
    • Several options were considered when looking at the proposal, and the decision was to opt for an approach that was as future-proof as possible in allowing for the ongoing development of this industry.
    • When considering how activity will evolve from here, it is tempting to look towards a point in time when the technology and service arena settles down enough to make future-proof decision-making easier.