Translation of fuzzbox in Spanish:


caja de distorsión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʌzbɒks//ˈfəzˌbɑks/


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    caja de distorsión feminine
    • Famous examples of fuzzboxes include the infamous ‘Fuzz Face’, and the ‘Muff’ series of pedals.
    • For this reason, power chords are often used when using fuzzboxes to reduce dissonance.
    • Not that we're jaded about plugging in these transistorized goodies on a daily basis, but in the saturated world of fuzzboxes it's hard not to feel like you've seen and heard it all.
    • The record, at times, is a circus of sounds, an ornate hodgepodge of moody keyboards and skronky guitars, wordless angel chorales, ambient electronics, airy woodwinds and overcharged fuzzboxes.
    • Psychedelic music like this could never be inspired by the fuzzboxes of the longhaired set.
    • I spent my time in the CMU lab designing and building fuzzboxes and playing with a seven-head tape machine.
    • I can't get a read on how important they are to the sound, but they were evidently used in several fuzzboxes of note, including the Gretsch ControFuzz, so they may be worth hunting down.
    • He started to experiment with sound, arming his guitar with fuzzbox, echoplex and phase-shift.
    • I had trillions of different fuzzboxes designed, I even have some prototypes left that I've tried to backtrace, but they aren't really worth the trouble.
    • The ex-art school collective has fed fashion, feminism and photo-ops through the lowest of lo-fi fuzzboxes, kindergarten two-step beats, and tape recorder-quality disco - all in the guise of an arch riposte to modern pop culture.
    • Distorted fuzzboxes and cheap booze: it's one of life's classic combinations.
    • The 34-year-old mother of two has still to leap back into the arms of her beloved fuzzbox, but it's hard to see Sunny Border Blue as anything other than foreplay.
    • Bent over his guitar, he toys with the song's melody for a few measures before stomping on his fuzzbox.
    • Montreal's favourite Franco-mod outfit returns, brimming with fuzzboxes, Rickenbackers and '60s-style swagger.
    • Musically, the songs are built around rudimentary drums and guitar (yes, they do use their fuzzbox), occasional bass and unbridled enthusiasm.