Translation of Gaelic coffee in Spanish:

Gaelic coffee

café irlandés, n.



  • 1

    café irlandés masculine
    • Try again for Irish coffee and this time a wild-eyed night porter says he will bring us some Gaelic coffee.
    • I don't like whisky, and I don't usually like coffee with even a hint of milk or cream in it, but I must say that I approve of Gaelic coffee.
    • We will be celebrating St Patrick's with all things Green and Gaelic coffees for afternoon tea on Friday 16th March.
    • The sting in the tail was the exorbitant charge for Gaelic coffees - £7.25 each.
    • Irish or Gaelic coffee comprises one such beverage in which black coffee laced with a liqueur or spirit such as whisky is served in a glass and is arranged to have a layer of cream dispensed thereon so as to float on top of the coffee.
    • I'm glad to say it was nothing that a commendably whisky-heavy Gaelic coffee couldn't put right.
    • Dessert orders are taken, mainly consisting of Gaelic coffees except for Glyn who orders a scoop of ice-cream and is served with a dinner plate size portion.
    • We finished our meal with coffee and mints - I choose the Gaelic coffee.
    • Other functions during the year include barbecues, a table quiz, a visit to the opera followed by supper in the club, socials on New Year's Eve, Valentine's Night, Halloween, class dinners, Gaelic coffees and hot whiskey on St. Patrick's Day, rugby internationals on a giant screen with finger food, etc., etc.
    • Irish Stand at the International Bazaar Each year at the International Bazaar, the Irish Stand is amongst the busiest places, selling a wide range of Irish clothes and produce, and the ever popular Gaelic coffees!
    • We showed him how to make Gaelic coffees with Drambuie (found all over the world) and he promptly changed his menu to read Gaelic instead of Irish Coffee.