Translation of gainsay in Spanish:


refutar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌɡeɪnˈseɪ//ɡeɪnˈseɪ/

transitive verbgainsaid


  • 1

    (argument/assertion) refutar formal
    there is no gainsaying the fact that he lied es innegable que mintió
    • there is no gainsaying her talent es innegable / indiscutible que tiene talento
    • Anything outside those actions is proof one has entered the Iron Bubble, and automatically gainsays the statements of the other side simply because the other side made them.
    • Again, it cannot be gainsaid that the greater number of those who hold high places in our poetical literature are absolute nincompoops - fellows alike innocent of reason and of rhyme.
    • No one truthfully gainsays the importance of professionalism to modern technological progress.
    • Now, I don't gainsay the need to start the transition process.
    • In your place, I should not gainsay the truth, but I'd put it in a different and more telling way.…
    • In the light of the ability to pay the Liquidator the correct account, the claimant's statements have not been gainsaid.
    • I'm not denying or gainsaying the fact that one could make a case.
    • No-one can possibly gainsay the need to travel on the railway in safety and it will be difficult to advance an argument against these giants.
    • These revisionists could not of course ultimately gainsay the fact that France was defeated.
    • It is an about-face that gainsays the ground of his achievement.
    • Whatever problems one might have with military tribunals, is it really possible to gainsay the White House response on this one?
    • It cannot be gainsaid that the digital revolution is here with us.
    • Anybody gainsaying General Relativity had best demonstrate an unambiguous reproducible falsification.
    • But it is hard to gainsay the fundamental reality that the liberal news media are more firmly in the saddle than ever.
    • In an era in which the very power of national governments of reformist pedigree to deliver reforms is under question, Labour gainsays the question.
    • From early in her life Kamla is surprised by a contrary inner voice which frequently gainsays the received wisdom of her elders and betters.
    • We may not gainsay the outcome but we can say that if the Commission rules against Deputy Collins the party leadership will have little room for manoeuvre.
    • Twenty-five years on, who can gainsay their prophetic analysis?
    • Pundits argue still, but no one gainsays that such involvement and determination created something more than a gestural pastiche.
    • We do not gainsay any of that, your Honour, and, indeed, the complaint against us is not in connection with the certification process, of course.