Translation of galley in Spanish:


cocina, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡali//ˈɡæli/


  • 1

    cocina feminine
  • 2

    galera feminine
  • 3also galley proof

    galerada feminine
    • The paragraph in question had been in his article through galley proofs, which Sheldrake had seen and approved, but was somehow accidentally omitted in the layout process.
    • As a child, I remember him working on all the galley proofs for Chambers School Dictionary.
    • But it's not enough just to analyse the manuscript, because he often made changes on the galley proofs.…
    • Again, the most critical error occurs when publishers do not show the consultant the final galley proof.
    • Editing was done in pencil, hard copy was supplied to a typesetter, and galleys arrived containing many errors that were incurred during hand typesetting.
    • So she wrote in longhand, and then picked over the copy in galley proofs, correcting and changing to the last minute.
    • Hardcover and paperback, spotless and battered, beautiful books and cheaply printed books, crude paper-bound galleys with pages scribbled in mysterious annotations.
    • There were the galley proofs, lying in a neat pile, with a letter of congratulations from his editor at Routledge on top.
    • You would receive a galley proof from your publisher and make comments about mistakes or changes to be made.
    • When an assistant helping him prepare the galley proofs for publication noticed this phrase, without any explanatory text, he asked Heidegger to remove it.
    • Some manuscripts include rough and final drafts, and galley and page proofs.
    • Authors can complete all steps in the life cycle of their manuscript - from submission, to revision, to viewing galley proofs - all from their Paragon System home page.
    • We'd write our marks on raw copy (type written on a page) until the pages were almost illegible, and then send it to be turned into a galley proof (one long line of printed up, typed up copy).
    • The majority of the collection is composed of correspondence by the contributing poets to Williams, and both corrected and uncorrected galley proofs of poems.
    • We can only assume that this occurred during the printing process and missed our attention on the galley proofs.
    • Dr. Brussee had checked the galley proofs and the error was not present at that time.
    • With cold type, the galley proof is the first proof, usually a photocopy.
    • Series 9 contains drafts, notes, galley proofs and other written material relating to articles, books and reviews written by Goldberg.
    • And it will happen in this, because stories look different at every stage along the way, from the manuscript to a galley to a page proof to the printed magazine.
    • Detailed information on these charges will accompany the galley proofs sent to you prior to publication.