Translation of Gallic in Spanish:


galo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡalɪk//ˈɡælɪk/


  • 1

    (wit/charm) galo
    (charm/wit) (típicamente) francés
    • Put it like this: if there really were such a thing as French cricket, our Gallic neighbours would not allow themselves to be so easily subjugated.
    • The top restaurant in the world was judged to be one serving Gallic food not in France, but among vineyards in Napa Valley, California.
    • The majority of French voters are greeting the election of their new president with an underwhelmed Gallic shrug.
    • To this one meets the familiar Gallic shrug we've seen most years since the fall of Paris.
    • He brought to the Boston Symphony the best Gallic qualities: characterful woodwind sounds, like the slightly nasal oboe tone, allied to a general transparency in the texture.
    • Were he human, each victory would be accompanied by a Gallic shrug of the shoulders and a disdainful pout of the lips.
    • He gave a Gallic shrug when it was suggested that playing for Bolton reserves at Wakefield on a Wednesday night was not quite the same as the Roman amphitheatre he has been used to.
    • Its full frontal nudity is unlikely to cause the blink of a Gallic eyelid when the French see it this Christmas.
    • The French make do with a Gallic shrug, the Italians employ animated arm-waving.
    • It is both familiar, in that we are all reluctant to connect with strangers, and alien in that Reza's view is very Gallic, very philosophically French.
    • It was a difficult group, but nothing the world champions could not have taken in their stride had their Gallic shrug not been so evident.
    • However, the French legal system and Gallic ways of doing things are still quite alien to the Scots legal framework or culture.
    • The leader - a French trumpeter full of Gallic charm, trousers falling down over hips that sway to the music - encourages the impromptu audience to part with their money.
    • But as Reuters reports, he is shrugging off the boycott, presumably with that Gallic shrug which Americans in particular seem to find so irritating.
    • It's always difficult to distinguish between these Frenchmen with their Gallic shrugs, garlic breath and white-tipped Gauloises.
    • The burial habits are mirrored by Gallic tribes of the Seine valley in France, from which they may have descended.
    • Initially, the teenagers zipping along the tree-lined streets on mopeds put me in mind of small-town France, but the Gallic atmosphere evaporated when I realised that everyone was drinking tea.
    • It's a title that loses a lot in the translation and gains only a characteristically Gallic whiff of pretentiousness.
    • Travellers to France will discover that the French are no less Gallic for the abolition of the franc.
    • All those French intellectuals have their Gallic noses stuck in a book.