Translation of game show in Spanish:

game show

programa concurso, n.


  • 1

    programa concurso masculine
    • Indeed, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is not just a game show but a dumbed-down game show.
    • According to reports in the Chinese media, even the hugely popular local soap operas and game shows have had to give way to extended coverage of the Games.
    • Japanese TV programmes, which subject contestants in game shows to gruesome and painful experiences in front of their audiences, are a growth industry.
    • Inside there are cups of tea on the dining room table and the sounds of a game show from a television.
    • Daytime television, when not featuring soap operas or game shows, is about embarrassing yourself and your family and friends in public.
    • In most game shows, the prize is a trip to Hawaii, a million dollars, or a new television.
    • It would also have music and game shows as also news bulletins in Telugu and Urdu while plans are in the offing to have news in English too.
    • In studio-based game shows, for example, the studio director controls the multiple in-studio cameras and camera-operators.
    • I was directing a game show on CBS and had health coverage but no life insurance.
    • I am interested in finding out how to get a list of television game shows airing between the years 1998-2002.
    • The prime time slots serve up a steady diet of game shows and quiz shows, garnished with leggy models in skimpy clothes.
    • There's a game show on television in North America in which contestants answer questions to win cash.
    • Three-To-One was one of those lively dating game shows where contestants try to make a love match in the midst of an unusual group date.
    • Also, why do modern game shows have to explain the rules of the game every two minutes?
    • In this view, networks, from the beginning of television time, should have programmed lots of prime-time game shows.
    • I know over the 43 years that I've been on television, game shows have been like the stock market.
    • Then I jumped up and down in front of the sensor, waving my arms in the air, like someone who had just won a week in Ibiza on a television game show.
    • Visit your local library or music store and collect music from television programs, game shows, and movies.
    • The venture is working on a sitcom as well as game shows and general entertainment shows.
    • Over the summer months Brenda hosted a television game show, Get Flirting, that she devised herself.