Translation of game warden in Spanish:

game warden

guardabosque(s), n.


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    guardabosque(s) feminine
    • In the Pacific region, game wardens, trained archeologists, engineers and a host of specialists and experts are part of an aggressive plan to not only preserve but also showcase the historical importance of the land.
    • In the absence of incontrovertible evidence (there's been a notable lack of pumas shot during hunting season), game wardens seem inclined to regard the cougar issue as something of a nuisance.
    • I ran across this strange article two years ago about how the tribe is now back on their feet, living more normally, and working as game wardens and tour guides for safaris.
    • This museum building and memorial is a super example of the tenacity of game wardens.
    • The game wardens said the bird could be easily identified, because it had not been cut up and its feathers were intact.
    • They also act as game wardens, capturing nuisance reptiles and animals to be transplanted to the less-inhabited parts of the base.
    • The substitute bill added sections allowing Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to sell to the highest bidder any live game animals confiscated by game wardens.
    • Bushmen state that armed game wardens and other government officials have confiscated their animals and forbidden them to hunt or collect food.
    • The display of illegally taken animals will be backed by game wardens ready to answer questions on hunting regulations.
    • The enforcement of fishing regulations also required additional funds to hire and train game wardens, including plain-clothes officers who enforced compliance with the law prohibiting snagging.
    • A Maine game warden pilot searched from the air yesterday morning for the hikers, who left Friday and were due back Sunday.
    • The game wardens keep an eye out for suspicious characters while they also monitor the fish.
    • The game wardens have to be heavily armed, since the poachers regularly use automatic weapons against both animals and the authorities trying to protect them.
    • On March 2, special agents with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office of Law Enforcement and game wardens with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department boarded a fishing vessel in the Gulf.
    • Last month Kenyan game wardens rescued the hippo after he had been separated from his herd.
    • When our deputy game warden stopped a young man with an untagged deer on our property, we knew things had to change.
    • State game wardens who had to enforce the ban were outnumbered.
    • Because no rule or statute prohibits placement of feeders or hunting blinds on private property, game wardens usually try to get the parties to come to some agreement on the issue.
    • An abundance of poachers, a lack of game wardens and funding, and habitat loss due to illegal farming, were all still prevalent.
    • Experienced coastal game wardens didn't much like gathering old traps - the work is filthy and back-breaking - and so the chore became something of a ritualistic passage for rookie wardens.