Translation of gangsta in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɡaŋstə//ˈɡæŋstə/


  • 1US slang

    • When gangsta rap took over in the early '90s, hip-hop's surrealist streak didn't die: it just moved to Britain.
    • They pushed their own style of gangsta rap into the mainstream, crossing boundaries to introduce white suburban America to unfamiliar subjects.
    • Technology has nothing do with the emergence of the explicit lyrics of gangsta rap.
    • A decade later, gangsta rap originated in Compton, California.
    • His lyrics are lightweight gangsta rap, telling of the woes of shooting up and living on amphetamines.
    • He writes about two of the fastest growing musical genres - alternative music and gangsta rap.
    • There are at least two distinct perspectives on ‘being a lady’ in gangsta rap.
    • Black commentators offer the most intensive critiques of gangsta rap.
    • Though the commentary on each genre is apt and long awaited, his musical poetics crystallize best in his attention to gangsta rap.
    • Although it is unusual for country music to be criticised in the same breath as gangsta rap and heavy metal, the researchers found that any violent lyrics can trigger aggression.
    • Today, instead of fantasy literature, wimpy geeks are totally into gangsta rap, and there is no place in gangsta rap for swords.
    • Just as gangsta rap in the US was closely associated with LA gang culture, Rio funk consolidated itself as the soundtrack of organised crime.
    • He seems to believe that the answer to school violence is not stopping gun sales but censoring television and gangsta rap lyrics.
    • Gangsta rap is differentiable from other rap music in that gangsta rap makes use of images of urban life that are often associated with crime.
    • While European rap artists may listen to U.S. gangsta rap, their own lyrics are expected to represent their own social environment.
    • His entry into in the music business is a perfect example of how gangsta rap packages real violence as entertainment.
    • The problems with society are increasing seen as cultural ones, which music such as gangsta rap not only reflects, but creates.
    • From this we can infer that the transgressed boundary in line 1 is indeed that of hip-hop music generally, and probably gangsta rap specifically.
    • Though hip-hop started out in New York and developed its most popular offshoot, gangsta rap, in the Wild West, most post-millennial innovations are occurring down south.
    • While the history of gangsta rap music is fairly short, there is a good deal of discourse circulating in popular culture about the treatment of women by men within this genre.
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    gangsta rap gansta rap masculine