Translation of gangster in Spanish:


gángster, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡaŋstə//ˈɡæŋstər/


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    gángster feminine
    • As for his other wars: they had saved Sierra Leone from a gang of gangsters.
    • It has been claimed he was murdered by everyone from the security services to Dutch gangsters.
    • They are wannabe gangsters in a wannabe gangster film that just doesn't work.
    • Bandits and gangsters do not on the whole give money to schools and hospitals.
    • I had read a lot about Mumbai gangsters, even seen movies made on them, but had never met one.
    • After too many movies about New York gangsters, the suggestion that life in the city could be anything but corrupt is foolish.
    • The documentary, Gangster, considers how deprived communities look to gangsters for protection.
    • The new father was a former boss of a Chinese triad gang, and all his fellow gangsters were bound to show up.
    • Before that he'd been an actor, often on radio, playing gangsters who got a violent comeuppance.
    • In fact, many people believe gangsters and hoodlums are vicious and violent by nature.
    • Suspected gangsters have been shackled by new laws designed to curb hoodlum behaviour.
    • Thus begins an intense race between the police and the gangsters to capture the shadowy man behind the murders.
    • We think they are criminals in shell suits, they think we are gun-toting gangsters.
    • Born in the city of Ulawood, his parents were killed by gangsters when he was only five years old.
    • She must be the only person in the UK unaware of the gun crime, perpetrated by Yardie gangsters in our major cities.
    • Great crimes can also be committed by gangsters and petty criminals - if they have the necessary power.
    • The boxer may have been killed by gangsters because he was cooperating with a police investigation into a murder.
    • The McLean gang member said the gangster had used Customs to clear the way for his own criminal activities.
    • Violence hangs in the air all around, with drug dealers, gangsters and street gangs combining to form a ring of terror.
    • Northern Ireland is full of filthy rich gangsters using terrorism to generate their empires.