Translation of gantry in Spanish:


castillete de señalización, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡæntri//ˈɡantri/

nounPlural gantries

  • 1

    castillete de señalización masculine
    • Unfamiliar objects, camera gantries, floodlights and trails of wire stimulated considerable interest among the population of boarding students staying at the school.
    • The gantries also carry cameras that record numberplates.
    • Then he was suspended upside down from an overhead gantry for some minutes.
    • After all three were seen on the lines and sitting on the rails, two climbed a signal gantry and interfered with the equipment.
    • One psychic described an airfield with a gantry and crane at a set of coordinates that placed it at the Soviet nuclear test site at Semipalatinsk.
    • Meanwhile, Railtrack has announced that a signal gantry in the new-look Leeds station has been installed at the wrong height.
    • All three types of equipment are on gantries which have gone up on roads around Leeds.
    • Sweeping past in endless succession were a forest of smoke-stacks, cooling-towers, pylons, transformers, scaffolding, flood-light towers and railway signal gantries.
    • This fixed-reactive component has an overhead gantry to which a frame is attached, and ride motions are fed through the axles and into the frame.
    • A gantry crane lifts the containers onto the ship.
    • With the gantry crane on site, the new turbine is being unloaded and moved to its foundation.
    • He cites examples of spaces in New York's Chelsea and SoHo districts, where sinks and hooks remain as testament to the past lives of a space; and the gantry and crane at Tate Modern.
    • Do you know how much business you can lose without a gantry crane?
    • One of the key components of an improvement in the port's ability to handle goods, particularly containers, would have been the provision of a gantry crane.
    • The massive stanchions that had supported the crane gantry rails in the past now support the new steel-framed structures.
    • Miniature traffic lights on the overhead gantry turn from red to green and drivers simply drop their clutches and bury their accelerator pedals.
    • I have looked carefully at what is now proposed, which is generally a matter of relatively small traffic signs and modest cameras, rather than gantries such as some have supposed.
    • Roadside gantries and enforcement equipment take up valuable road space and they could be difficult to install in a city with high urban density.
    • The productivity of the terminal is expected to go up substantially once the gantry cranes are refitted by the fourth quarter of 2005.
    • Calatrava's tower seems the more absurd because it is to be close to the mighty gantry crane of the defunct Kockums shipyard.
  • 2

    (for crane) pórtico masculine
    (for crane) puente masculine
    (for space rocket) torre de lanzamiento feminine
    (for barrels) poíno masculine
    (for barrels) combo masculine
    • Surface wind at the time of the rollback of the gantry surrounding the Boeing Delta II launch vehicle was as high as 36 knots.
    • The shuttle launch gantry is equipped with seven 1,200-foot-long sliding wires, each attached to a basket similar to those used for hot-air ballooning.
    • It will also be integrated and assembled in the mobile gantry on the launch pad and not in a final assembly building.
    • The second stage of a Delta II rocket is prepared for its shift to vertical alongside the gantry at pad 17A at Cape Canaveral Air Station.