Translation of gape in Spanish:


quedarse boquiabierto, v.

Pronunciation /ɡeɪp//ɡeɪp/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) (react with astonishment) quedarse boquiabierto
    (person) (react with astonishment) quedarse con la boca abierta
    (stare) mirar boquiabierto
    don't just stand there gaping no te quedes ahí con la boca abierta
    • to gape at sth
    • she gaped in astonishment at the news se quedó boquiabierta al oír la noticia
    • Vicki opened the door excitedly and gaped at everything.
    • We missed the hammerheads, but enormous moray eels gaped at us from their rocky lairs.
    • We gaped at each other for a moment and then she snapped her phone shut.
    • She placed a hand on my shoulder, and when I gaped at her in surprise, she was looking over her right shoulder.
    • We all gasped putting our hands over our mouths as we gaped at the scene in front of us.
    • The other gaped at them dumbfounded, a cigarette falling from his open mouth.
    • They gaped at him, their mouths slightly open, then simultaneously bolted for the basement door to the outside.
    • Her bluish eyes were wide with shock as her mouth gaped at the sight of me.
    • I gaped at him for a moment then snapped my mouth close and looked out the window.
    • They all gaped at us and Matt paused, staring at Samuel incredulously.
    • Emily gaped at her friend and covered her mouth with her hand so she wouldn't hurt her friend more by arguing with her.
    • He gaped at the person next to him as though he'd never seen him before.
    • Kirsten gaped at her younger sister, then turned, enraged, to stalk off.
    • I gaped at her, stuck between being infuriated and revolted.
    • I gaped at them all, staring in stunned disbelief from one face to the next.
    • Connor nodded his agreement, and I gaped at the pair of them.
    • I rubbed my eyes a few times before I gaped at the scene before me.
    • He enjoyed a few minutes of weightless flight and gaped at the gorgeous view.
    • Ada gaped at blaze in front of her, already struggling for air in the room that was thick with smoke.
    • He gaped at her for several moments, confused by the sudden change in conversation and by her last comment.
  • 2

    (be open)
    estar abierto
    the curtains gaped open las cortinas estaban abiertas
    • The large ships absorbed the damage even as gaping holes were ripped into their hides.
    • Gaping wounds are a result of being stabbed across lines perpendicular to the fibers.
    • They made their way into the now gaping hole in the wall and looked around.
    • As in life, the gap between aspiration and achievement gapes wide.
    • Several of the boards were loose and toward the north end a hole gaped where a dozen or more had been pulled up.
    • Holes gaped in the floor where floorboards had been prised.
    • In spite of widespread statutory reform, legal loopholes gaped wide open at midcentury.
    • Cracks gaped in building walls, and chunks of plaster fell from ceilings, Italian news reports said.
    • A huge hole gaped in the roof, and a conservatory was shattered.
    • Like too many of this government's initiatives, as soon as you start to examine the details gaping holes emerge.
    • What are gaping emotional wounds if not fodder for tragic and pretty folk songs?
    • The press just gaped with their jaws open and tongue hanging out in utter incredulity.
    • If you're really lucky a Central Line train will already be standing there waiting with its doors gaping open.