Translation of gaping in Spanish:


abierto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪpɪŋ//ˈɡeɪpɪŋ/


  • 1

    (mouth/wound) abierto
    (chasm/hole) enorme
    • A gaping whole in the education of modern man has been this story.
    • The frontal view is terrifying and mask-like, with wild staring eyes, a gaping mouth and savage teeth.
    • The family circle is left with a ragged, gaping tear.
    • Then turn an angle of the rock and advance a few paces, when your lights flash upon the gaping oyster-shell.
    • Called the Mouth of Truth, this carved face with gaping maw is a sort of primitive lie detector.
    • Enter Currie whose craft on the left wing opened up gaping wounds in the home defence.
    • Tank tracks had torn up the pavement and there were gaping holes in several houses.
    • A broad smile dribbled down from the bottom of his gaping lips.
    • Still ahead, a gaping hole opened up in a passenger plane during an Alaska Airlines flight 26,000 feet in the air.
    • Ransby acknowledges to readers the gaping hole in her work.
    • This award will serve the purpose of filling two gaping holes in the higher education landscape.
    • Their indignation is revealing, for it exposes a gaping hole in their original argument.
    • This leaves a gaping hole at the centre of the liberationist argument.
    • Unfortunately, the law left a gaping loophole.
    • And I have looked, really I have, but nowhere can I find a gaping hole in my life.
    • The gaping vacuum has resulted in violence, some of it targeted at women.
    • The door waits to be smashed open, the drawers to be pulled and left gaping.
    • It has exposed gaping holes in the apparatus of government whose primary duty is to protect its citizens.
    • The residents echoed that there were gaping potholes on the roads.
    • The central defining social fact of our world is gaping global inequality.