Translation of garb in Spanish:


atuendo, n.

Pronunciation /ɡɑrb//ɡɑːb/


literary, humorous

  • 1

    atuendo masculine literary humorous
    vestimenta feminine
    • We'll be dressed in medieval garb (like many of the people at Mass).
    • I wear Japanese clothing as ritual garb, and am working on incorporating bits of the Japanese language into ritual chants.
    • He in particular is singled out in the painting by his broad brimmed hat, distinctive garb, and masterful gesture.
    • At the end of the tunnel stood a man dressed in leather garb with a sling of arrows on his back.
    • Traditional male Catalan garb includes the distinctive barretina, a sock-shaped, red woolen hat that can be seen at festivals.
    • He was dressed in prison garb of striped shirt, blue sweatshirt and blue jeans turned up at the bottom.
    • We're told the song is from a 1950 movie, so why the costume department dressed her in 1920s garb is beyond me.
    • Some are even dressed in traditional Asian garb from Taiwan's aboriginal tribes and in Chinese Cheongsam silk gowns.
    • At a gathering of nuns in Washington in 1979, he ordered the sisters to dress in proper religious garb and to remember their true vocation as acquiescent helpers.
    • The Maya wear both modern Western-style clothing and traditional garb (although the latter is more commonly worn by women).
    • The women, however, don anything from '50s pastel prom dresses to time-honoured vixen garb of garters and corsets.
    • We're having a 70's party, and they want the leadership team to dress in 70's garb.
    • When McDonald's launched its first Hello Kitty promotion last January, thousands queued up, some overnight, for the plush toys dressed in wedding garb from different countries.
    • Whereas the figures in his earlier works wore either nondescript clothing or costumelike garb, those in his later works are urban and fashionable.
    • He'll be given the standard prison garb, the uniform, which is basically a denim shirt, blue jeans and some boots.
    • Women were dressed in Norwegian traditional garb, which is usually worn on May 17, Norway's National Day.
    • He wore a loose brown garb with billowing sleeves to allow the cool air in.
    • But despite a high-profile campaign in the city, which involved people dressed in Elizabethan garb urging shoppers to vote, in the end it failed to capture the public's imagination.
    • At the start of the bulletin there is a short announcement from a middle aged lady, dressed in traditional Korean garb, and standing in front of a plain bluescreen.
    • Other examples in the two inch thick cardboard bound volume include rousing poems exhorting the empire to action, and photos of Egyptian women dressed proudly in traditional garb.