Translation of garbage in Spanish:


basura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑrbɪdʒ//ˈɡɑːbɪdʒ/


  • 1US

    basura feminine
    before noun garbage chute vertedor de la basura masculine
    • garbage disposal unit triturador de basura
    • There are too many open storm water drains into which garbage is dumped.
    • Human waste and garbage is polluting main water tanks, which are present in these areas.
    • There was throughout the city the sweet, pulpy stench of garbage, waste, and rot.
    • People living along the river banks admit that they always dump the waste into the river as there is no garbage dump in the neighborhood.
    • They dump garbage on the streets much the way one would expect of primitive people.
    • The striking workers protested outside the municipal council office and dumped garbage on the steps.
    • That was the show where he built a rocket ship from scrap metal and garbage.
    • Gone are the days when a resident could quietly dump a bag of garbage by the roadside and proceed on his morning walk.
    • Americans are right to refuse truckloads of garbage that contain biomedical waste and radioactive material.
    • The streets are littered with garbage and lined with open sewers.
    • His argument was that the Corporation had no right to dump the urban garbage in the rural areas.
    • Now the doors of the elevator open, and he's in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage.
    • I called to complain about garbage that was being dumped in front of the building.
    • Tons of garbage dumped into the sea off Borneo regularly washes up, littering the beach with bottles, cans and plastic bags.
    • Allowing Bradford's garbage to be dumped in Skibeden will hasten the day this landfill site is full.
    • Much of this increase has been attributed to the availability of garbage and fish waste.
    • It has a chronic waste problem with garbage and sewerage littering the edges of the coral reef that forms the island.
    • There is only an enclosure there where the whole colony's garbage is dumped.
    • For example, most customers don't know that these big boats dump raw sewage and garbage at sea.
    • The Government must impose fine on those who dump garbage in public places.
  • 2informal

    (worthless things)
    a load of old garbage un montón de cachivaches / de porquerías
    • this book is absolute garbage este libro es una auténtica porquería
    • they say she's going, but that's garbage dicen que se va, pero son puras estupideces
    • I figured this idea was garbage, and that he was too much of an egomaniac to base his movies on anyone else's work but his.
    • It took an awfully long time, though, and my computer is full of garbage.
    • Don't you see, it's the likes of you and your ilk, who keep writing this unfounded garbage, that keep the fires stoked.
    • The moral of the story: don't take that garbage on Amazon's message boards seriously in the first place.
    • Try to copy a short-cut with a right click, and you'll get meaningless garbage.