Translation of garbage can in Spanish:

garbage can

cubo de la basura, n.



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    cubo de la basura masculine
    tacho de la basura masculine Southern Cone
    caneca de la basura feminine Colombia
    latón de la basura masculine Cuba
    bote de la basura masculine Mexico
    tobo de la basura masculine Venezuela
    • By 10 am, a source at the Ministry of National Security was saying that detectives had recovered a mysterious black box in a garbage bin on the promenade.
    • She threw the plastic cups into the nearby garbage can and wiped the surface.
    • It was beginning to cool off ever so slightly, and I tossed my cup in a garbage can as we passed it.
    • More than 84 per cent said they hold onto trash until they find a garbage can where they can dispose of it.
    • She then tosses the cup into a nearby garbage can and pulls a cell phone from her tiny purse.
    • They pushed me so quickly and forcefully that I fell back into a pile of garbage bags and hit my head on a garbage bin.
    • For heaven's sake, last night I saw a guy in a Times Square uniform take a spray bottle to a garbage can.
    • I walk away in disgust and throw the piece of paper in the nearest garbage can without even looking at it.
    • He threw the sandwich away in the nearest garbage can and headed to school.
    • I can fill most of a large garbage can with the leaves every two weeks if I'm diligent.
    • Many people just throw their junk on the ground rather than finding a garbage can or recycling bin.
    • Things seemed randomly placed, especially the garbage can right next to the guest chair.
    • Then I had to carry all the trash outside to the big garbage can and roll it out to the sidewalk by the street.
    • I threw away our cups in a public garbage bin, found a sidewalk, and followed it out of the park, where I headed for a subway terminal.
    • It's also handy for householders to know the different plastic types so they know whether to put a container in with the recycling or throw it in the garbage bin.
    • You are much better off putting the keg into an empty garbage can and packing the surrounding space with ice.
    • I was passing a side-street and found about 9 people pulling sealed wine and vermouth bottles out of a garbage bin on the street.
    • I scraped the remains of my waffles into the garbage bin and placed my dishes into the sink, promising myself I would clean them up later.
    • Periodically he would sweep it all into a shopping bag and deposit it in the garbage can.
    • Every club gives out passes for free visits - and most of these passes end up in the garbage can.