Translation of garble in Spanish:


tergiversar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑrbəl//ˈɡɑːb(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (message/instructions) tergiversar
    (instructions/message) embrollar
    • The funny bit is that the spam protection they are offering is just a bit of JavaScript that garbles email addresses so they cannot be harvested.
    • Often the message becomes garbled as it filters through several languages.
    • His lawyers protested, claiming that this would hamper their ability to ask follow up questions or to clarify points that might be garbled through translators.
    • You try to talk to a fellow shopper, but your words sound garbled, and others seem confused by your speech.
    • He called, his voice garbled by the sound of hammering and drilling.
    • You implant a patient, and initially all they hear is garbled noise, and in six months they can carry on a conversation on the telephone.
    • Once, we could understand everything he said with perfect clarity, but now, everything is garbled and sometimes even slurred.
    • Connor's transmission was very garbled, but the seriousness of the situation was clear to all listening.
    • The interrogator began speaking through an intercom, his voice garbled in static.
    • Once again the mixed message is more garbled than ever: it's okay to be independent, but beware of those you think you trust.
    • That was rather garbled and hastily thrown together, but we will return with him.
    • After waking up, her speech was garbled and she was confused.
    • If this was the case, it is strange that the message was so garbled - no clear understanding of BT's thinking emerged until after the first reports of a boardroom bust-up.
    • His voice sounds somewhat garbled in those recordings.
    • The result will be calls where your voice will be broken up and garbled.
    • The message was somewhat garbled, and the three men in question were still 24 hours from Tulsa, but the threat was taken seriously by the FBI, who called in the local police.
    • He told the inquest the message was garbled and he couldn't understand any of it.
    • Even then, you can expect anything other than the simplest bullets to be garbled.
    • On windy days, the smoke was wafted so that signals became garbled and confusing.
    • Canadian voters spoke but, once again, the voting system garbled the message.
  • 2garbled past participle

    (translation/account) confuso
    (account/translation) embrollado
    (message) incomprensible
    (message) indescifrable