Translation of garden in Spanish:


jardín, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑrd(ə)n//ˈɡɑːd(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for ornamental plants)

      jardín masculine
      front/back garden jardín del frente/de atrás / del fondo
      • the Garden of Eden el Paraíso Terrenal
      • Garden of Remembrance Jardín del recuerdo
      • rose garden rosedal
      • before noun garden chair silla de jardín
      • garden furniture muebles de jardín
      • garden hose manguera para regar
      • garden seat banca de jardín
      • garden shears tijeras de jardín
      • garden waste desechos de jardín
      • What if you don't want to give up space in the flower garden to grow fruit, or if your soil is too poor?
      • Secondly, those families with gardens grew vegetables in them.
      • We were guided a couple of miles to a beautiful old house with a garden and fruit trees.
      • The extensive vegetable gardens and fruit orchard provide food for the couple and bountiful gifts for friends.
      • I've also established my share of vegetable and perennial flower gardens.
      • Many families have vegetable gardens and grow apple trees, gooseberries and black currents.
      • As he took me around, he proudly showed me where he had built terraces, where he had planted fruit trees, and where he established herb and vegetable gardens.
      • Fruit, nut and berry orchards will be expanded as will the vegetable, herb and flower gardens.
      • There they produced their own milk and meat and their gardens supplied fruit and vegetables.
      • Most women grew vegetable gardens primarily to sustain their families.
      • Anyone who has attractive wild flowers growing in their gardens may like to collect and donate some seeds of same.
      • Tomatoes are by far the most popular vegetable grown in American gardens.
      • Most people in New Zealand live in single houses with large yards and flower or vegetable gardens.
      • They are also responsible for the family vegetable and fruit gardens and for threshing, husking, and milling the grain.
      • Neighbours complained that the state of the house and garden depressed property prices and even made it impossible to grow vegetables in gardens because the sun was blotted out.
      • To extend the growing season, he said his students also grow flowers in the garden's border.
      • Urban gardens where vegetables and flowers are grown are also common.
      • Soldiers are accused of beating local residents - women as well as men - who have not obeyed the orders to uproot their vegetable gardens and fruit trees.
      • The patch of ground she was sweeping is now a smart lawn rimmed with flowers and a vegetable garden.
      • She's always tinkering with her flower and vegetable gardens, or rushing off in her old pickup for senior softball and tennis.

    • 1.2(for vegetables)

      huerta feminine
      huerto masculine
      before noun garden produce frutas y verduras de la huerta feminine

  • 2gardens plural

    (public, on private estate)
    jardines masculine
    parque masculine
    botanical gardens jardín botánico masculine
    • Public parks and gardens in Yorkshire need better protection to stop crucial community facilities being lost, conservationists warn today.
    • It is grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks for its colored flowers and ever-blooming nature.
    • Flying kites has been forbidden in public parks and gardens throughout the city since the beginning of this month.
    • The estate includes a 17th century deer park with a herd of fallow deer, and ornamental gardens.
    • Public gardens are filled with flowers and kept in good order.
    • Native vegetation is also celebrated and reintroduced in a range of public parks and institutional gardens in capital cities.
    • Public parks and gardens and derelict land in five deprived areas in the region are to be improved with more than £4.5m lottery money.
    • We have play areas, football pitches, a tennis court and ornamental gardens.
    • They spend time picking up litter in the suburb, trimming pavement lawns and public gardens.
    • Private gardens, public parks, tall avenue trees, lake and ponds; these are the features of Bangalore than multiplexes and neon signs.
    • For example, treated water is now used in public parks and gardens which have also arisen through the efforts of the rehabilitation campaign.
    • The project manager says the garden is a demonstration model for the public and sponsors to see what can be done in public parks and gardens.
    • It was very common at one stage for Sydney councils to say, instead of setting aside land for public parks and gardens, that you pay a fixed sum of money.
    • We've got a beautiful arboretum and gorgeous public gardens and a world class aquarium and nature trails and historical mansions.
    • The most striking ones are connected with the illegal giveaway of some public parks and gardens, he said.
    • She renovated the ruined fort, laid out ornamental gardens and turned this unlikely corner of Brittany into something of a fin-de-siècle social mecca.
    • Development continued, with bridges being built over watercourses, pathways being laid out, and ornamental trees and gardens planted.
    • Council wardens would be employed to fine those who throw rubbish on private land such as gardens, and public spaces including streets and parks.
    • There is still an air of prosperity in the nation, with people, public places and gardens as neat, clean and safe as ever.
    • The water department is trying to recycle these sources of waste water for further use, such as watering parks and public gardens or street-cleaning.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    trabajar en el jardín
    jardinear Chile informal