Translation of garden suburb in Spanish:

garden suburb

ciudad jardín, n.



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    ciudad jardín feminine
    • There would be the living zone of garden suburbs with the worker humanoids periodically transported to one central station through which all life would daily flow.
    • The Mumbai suburb that has always been my home was described, in the 1920s, as a garden suburb: a pleasant retreat from the city's core districts, where people could build small bungalows, set in their own grounds.
    • We have a responsibility to protect our garden suburb and the character of the area which is set out in the UDP and other council mission statements.
    • The Millennium Village, Greenwich, is a brave attempt to build what is meant to be a new kind of garden suburb on the site of a former gas works in a formerly uninhabited part of south London.
    • I have made the point to the council that Merton Park has a certain status as a garden suburb and that some innovative thinking by the council's experts could have resulted in a scheme which a majority of residents might have favoured.
    • In the afternoon, more than 350 people visited up to a dozen of the finest gardens in Bedford Park, while the local architect led a party of 40 on a tour of the most notable buildings in the world's first garden suburb.
    • Palin found a dentist in what appeared to be a Peshawar garden suburb, an exotic and gentle outpost.
    • He had arranged that they all stay with a Swiss doctor who lived in a neat villa in the colonial garden suburb of St Germain.
    • These old photographs show York's former garden suburb reduced to rubble following the demolition of condemned houses in the early 1960s.
    • Prototype garden cities were built at Letchworth from 1903 and Welwyn from 1919, greatly influencing the development of garden suburbs and the new towns built after the Second World War.
    • A garden suburb, while built in accordance with those goals, was not a city unto itself but rather a planned, self-contained extension of a larger urban area.
    • In Sydney's Haberfield, an entire suburb has been declared a conservation area in an attempt to preserve the character of one of the country's best repositories of domestic Federation in a garden suburb setting.
    • The site which today contains the Johannesburg College of Education and the neighbouring Pieter Roos Park used to be the centre of the elegant garden suburb of the Randlords.
    • It is a variation of the short tunnel option, which was extended to bypass the garden suburb of Haberfield.
    • After the Great War, council housing in the garden suburbs of Knightswood and Carntyne sprang up, and then the meaner, denser developments such as Ruchill and Haghill were built.
    • Plans of cave dwellings and Hampstead garden suburbs will also be on display.
    • In his home in the garden suburbs of Stockholm he had the finest mathematical library in the world.
    • Car ownership offered the possibility of escape from dirty, crowded cities to leafy garden suburbs, and the urban planners provided the escape routes.
    • MBM's contribution is one of the larger blocks that breaks open the grid to connect with an adjoining garden suburb.
    • Originally the 60 families who bought about 15 acres of barren sand dunes intended to start a small garden suburb on the seashore near Jaffa.