Translation of gargantuan in Spanish:


pantagruélico, adj.

Pronunciation /ɡɑrˈɡæn(t)ʃ(u)ən//ɡɑːˈɡantjʊən/


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    (meal/appetite) pantagruélico
    (problem) gigantesco
    (problem) descomunal
    (effort) titánico
    • His vulgar displays of vanity while in the house were truly gargantuan in proportion.
    • That, or its members knowingly turned a blind eye to the gargantuan scale of pilfering going on under their noses.
    • However, for those of us for whom it also is work, it is a stamina and endurance challenge of gargantuan proportions.
    • On the plus side, while the menu was pretty limited, it was reasonably priced and the quantities were gargantuan.
    • The everyday challenges of the fifth decade assume gargantuan dimensions in an industry that prizes youth.
    • A whole new sector with a gargantuan appetite for power was emerging.
    • She sat at the table in front of us and proceeded to order an enormous earthenware jug of red wine and a gargantuan bowl of spaghetti with clam sauce.
    • This is a gargantuan pub with a vast forecourt and car park in front, a real restaurant and lots of nooks and crannies to get lost in.
    • It's a gargantuan challenge, but the possibility of continuing with a remote, technocratic Europe died this week.
    • As befits a man with a gargantuan appetite, he chose the menu himself.
    • Critics say Napa Valley has an ego, but what it really has is a gargantuan appetite for life.
    • They long for gargantuan TVs, pool tables and funky barka loungers to keep them happy.
    • From her gargantuan handbag, she produced five paper plates and a jar of Marmite.
    • The To Do List has grown to gargantuan size and I'm not even making a dent in it at the moment.
    • Being skinny, I have never had to worry about the side effects of such a gargantuan appetite.
    • These days the manufacturer bears little resemblance to the gargantuan outfit it once was.
    • My heart swelled to gargantuan proportions in my chest, and my smile broadened.
    • He's at the center of a gargantuan deal that will determine how old and new media companies will evolve.
    • His house is a biscuit-free zone and he has replaced such sugary temptations with gargantuan bowls of fruit for him and his family to snack on.
    • You can only imagine what his total might have been if he'd had, say, his appetite for gargantuan scores.