Translation of garish in Spanish:


chillón, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɛrɪʃ//ˈɡɛːrɪʃ/


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    (color) chillón
    (color) estridente
    (color) charro Latin America informal
    (garment) estridente
    (garment) chabacano
    (garment) charro Latin America informal
    (makeup) exagerado
    • In this increasingly garish context, there can be no denying the reassuring twinkle of a traditional fairy light.
    • The men wore their hair longer and both genders wore bright, almost garish colors.
    • Orange whistles are garish and weapons can easily be turned against you.
    • There was once a brashness about Norman, signified by those garish shirts and the trademark wide-brimmed hat.
    • Half of the room was solid black, while the other half was a bright, garish pink color.
    • For those who are not acquainted with Christmas crackers, they're little packages in garish paper.
    • All of the garish constructions below him have been built for the nouveau riche with relatives working abroad.
    • She is famous for her garish sculptural pieces that are made from the cheap and mass-produced.
    • The whole restaurant was painted in bright colors but not neon bright and not too garish.
    • The combination of garish cartoon colours and brash graphic quality is totally euphoric.
    • Maybe he received a garish jumper, a lurid tie or an outsized pair of slippers in his seasonal gifts.
    • Only the garish turquoise silk tie and the glint in his pale blue eyes detract from this picture of geriatric gentlemanliness.
    • The paper on which the books were printed was flimsy and cheap, and the books sold chiefly on the strength of their garish covers.
    • But if I do, I promise not to make it put the pages in some microscopic font with garish colours.
    • Some teenagers in garish tight polyester dresses saunter past, deep in conversation.
    • The Quakers started like a team with championship ambition, as purposeful and bright as their garish yellow shirts.
    • The old people were wearing garish colours, which I could never have imagined they would dare to put on.
    • While it has some appealing features, I found it garish with curvy lines and bright colors.
    • My straight blonde hair was positively garish in a room full of dyed-red perms.
    • Soft, fluid fabrics will flatter your curves, but avoid frills and garish prints, as these will drown you.