Translation of garland in Spanish:


guirnalda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑrlənd//ˈɡɑːlənd/


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    guirnalda feminine
    a garland of laurels una corona de laureles
    • Near the conference centre it is strung with wreaths and garlands of homemade flowers, created from plastic bags, paper plates and wrapping paper.
    • Afterwards, officials and people from all walks of life took turns bestowing garlands and bouquets of flowers before a magnificent picture of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, honoring and celebrating the occasion.
    • The sacred bamboo rod is bathed in holy water from a golden vessel and wreathed in garlands of fragrant flowers.
    • Winners were crowned with wreath garlands of olive leaves.
    • Some are holding beautiful flower garlands and decorations they hope to offer the sadhus as they pass.
    • The girl was dressed in a white flowing nightgown and wore a garland of flowers.
    • The golden effigy, with its four faces and many arms, sits in the centre of the shrine, surrounded by a metal fence that is covered with hundreds of garlands of colourful flowers.
    • The garland and the flowers that this figure holds are a good indication that it is the goddess Flora who was supposed to be represented.
    • It usually includes a small bouquet of flowers, a garland, or a small wreath that is placed on the inside lid of the casket for open casket services.
    • Farmworkers' wives and other family members often supplement the household income by making wreaths and garlands from the clippings removed in the shearing process.
    • Staff will be dressing in shorts, Hawaiian shirts, bikinis, flower garlands and grass skirts, and there will be hula-hooping, hula dancing and limbo competitions in aid of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Unit.
    • One is a very thin, string-like affair representing a garland of tiny lace flowers.
    • Whenever festivals were held in honor of these deities they always featured garlands and wreaths created with beautiful, fragrant roses.
    • Every year I make a flower garland for my son to wear at his birthday celebration.
    • District chief officer, Surapol Tiensuwan was the first to light incense, after which everyone attending laid bouquets of flowers, wreaths or garlands with sacred offerings in front of the monument.
    • Just tie a few together with raffia or ribbon, and hang on the tree or wire onto garlands and wreaths.
    • Although the nuchibana song lyrics mention cherry blossoms, the flowers used in the garlands actually depict a type of hibiscus plant indigenous to Okinawa.
    • There were potted trees with lights in them and there were garlands of leaves, flowers and tulle wrapped around the banister on the staircase.
    • Politicians and ambassadors placed garlands of flowers in front of it.
    • Farm work was broadly defined to include planting, cultivating, harvesting or packing and shipping agricultural produce on a farm or nursery, or making Christmas wreaths or garlands.

transitive verb

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