Translation of garrison in Spanish:


plaza, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɡarɪs(ə)n//ˈɡɛrəsən/


  • 1

    plaza feminine
    • Sensing an impending emergency, he went to his headquarters on Merdeka Square, just beside the Jakarta garrison.
    • Therefore, I chose the second course of action to stay and defend the garrison.
    • When you consider we're building 3,000 homes at the garrison, you start to realise it makes very good economical sense.
    • They deliberately point pursuers toward nearby posts and garrisons of other federal troops.
    • Three parts of the building's walls have been unearthed during excavations at the garrison, giving archaeologists enough information to map out the route of the 940-metre circuit.
    • It may have originally been a privately owned fishing house, later used as a garrison for troops guarding the city.
    • As he approaches the British garrison, troops rush out to greet him.
    • Barracks, garrisons, bivouacs and encampments thus far spared came under a blitz of laser-guided bombs first used in the Gulf War.
    • After the conquest, the fort was probably reused as a garrison for Roman troops.
  • 2

    guarnición feminine
    • With Hadrian we see the first steps toward a system of frontier garrison troops, permanently stationed, along with a field army that gets moved from one hot spot to another.
    • The entire garrison would turn out for the Retreat ceremony.
    • Key army officers visited army garrisons to convince commanders to join the uprising.
    • It has reinforced its garrison of 35,000 troops.
    • The garrisons - native troops commanded by British officers - held out and were relieved after a week of day and night assaults.
    • As a result, large garrisons, powerful artillery batteries, airfields and fortified areas appeared on the extreme northern and southern islands: Kunashir, Shikotan and Iturup.
    • The garrison troops manning the regional bases of operation will facilitate local stability, maintain the lines of communication, and provide logistical support.
    • The governor of the garrison was suspected of being a Jacobite traitor; an allegation he vehemently denied.
    • If that was the case, then why didn't she go to the garrison posted in this town?
    • The scene of heavy fighting during World War I between Ottoman troops and the British garrisons in Aden, it became independent in 1918.
    • By 0400 hours, the last shots were fired against the garrison and our regiments had withdrawn behind Shiyane Hill.
    • In what towns are the largest garrisons stationed?
    • On the spur of the moment they decided to capture the Rock which was then badly defended by a small garrison of sixty Spanish soldiers.
    • A small garrison of British troops would remain.
    • He only had a small garrison defending London at this time.
    • The delay enabled the Japanese garrison of 19,000 troops to construct the most formidable beach defences, a way through which had to be cleared by underwater demolition teams.
    • A narrow stretch of water was all that separated the Japanese invaders and the 14,000 British, Indian, and Canadian garrison troops left to defend the Crown Colony.
    • Specifically, there is evidence that the garrisons of the forts stationed north of Hadrian's Wall were withdrawn, and that thereafter a permanent Roman military presence north of the Wall did not figure in Roman strategic planning.
    • For the officers of the tiny garrison stationed at Camp Sheridan, the situation was akin to sitting on a powder keg.
    • The additional garrisons, Filipino troops, and effective use of the Navy all were important to expanding the reach of American military power.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (troops) acuartelar
  • 2

    (city/town) guarnecer