Translation of gasp in Spanish:


dar un grito ahogado, v.

Pronunciation /ɡɑːsp//ɡæsp/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (inhale sharply)
    dar un grito ahogado
    he gasped with amazement dio un grito ahogado de asombro
    • the cold/shock made me gasp el frío/la impresión me cortó la respiración
    • Everyone gasped as they caught their first glimpse of the gaping hole in the tower and the billowing smoke.
    • Slowly opening the box, I almost gasped out loud.
    • The Queen gasped softly in shock as understanding dawned on her.
    • I nearly gasp out loud, one hand flying back to my mouth.
    • She nearly gasped out loud at this insult.
    • Pain coursed through her body, but she did not have a mouth to gasp in pain with.
    • He gasped softly and opened his mouth several times before quickly recovering himself.
    • I looked in the direction she pointed and gasped softly in surprise.
    • Despite their gloom, the girls gasped in amazement.
    • I looked up and almost gasped in horror.
    • His live drum solos, though thankfully brief, used to leave audiences gasping.
    • She gasps with the pain of the gun barrel in her ribs.
    • Their hands touched briefly and she almost gasped in shock.
    • The crowd gasped in surprise, but soon resumed their incessant cheering.
    • The audience gasped audibly at a few of these.
    • The two women gasped in delight and clapped their hands.
    • I gasped slightly in pain and watched him stride away.
    • The other men gasped at the sight, and charged at him.
    • A faint scratching could be heard on the other side of the door and each boy gasped in fear.
    • He nearly gasped audibly when he saw what had been written on the page.
  • 2

    respirar entrecortadamente
    she was gasping for breath respiraba con dificultad
  • 3informal

    (want eagerly)
    to be gasping for sth morirse por algo informal
    • I was gasping for a beer/cigarette me moría por una cerveza/un cigarrillo
    • Social discipline has broken down, the economy is gasping for life and people's emotions are being provoked into ever-threatening spirals of discord and violence.
    • An integral part of the rich Assamese art and culture, which has flabbergasted renowned scholars, this highly skilled art is gasping for survival.
    • After unpacking my sleeping bag, toothbrush and kettle, I was gasping for a cup of tea.
    • Without a single zinger in the bunch, this comedy is gasping for laughs, and should be relegated to the $2.99 bin very soon.
    • I was gasping for a drink after the long climb up to St Andre.
    • A century from now will we be gasping for water in an increasingly roasting world or huddling around a few burning sticks, struggling to keep at bay the bitter cold of a cosmic winter?
    • By the time we got onto the motorway and had found ourselves on familiar ground, I was gasping for coffee and something to eat.
    • It had the crazed acousti-rock revolution it had been gasping for.
    • After skiing along spookily quiet floodlit trails, you may be gasping for a pint to wash down your fondue with, but if the price of a pint isn't enough to put you off drinking here, the thought of having to ski back home in the dark may well be.
    • And the affirmation of life is what we had all been gasping for in an effort to regain the totality of our humanity.

transitive verb

  • 1

    decir jadeando
    made it!, he gasped —¡lo logré! —dijo jadeando
    • she gasped (out) a few words dijo algo entrecortadamente


  • 1

    exclamación feminine
    (entrecortado o ahogado) grito masculine